Sunday, August 22, 2010

A recap of June! (a few months late)

As I close the book on another summer, I realize I have been a bad blogger/journal keeper. So I will attempt to recap my summer, though it will take 3 separate posts:
This is the Place

Swim lessons....I managed to have 3 kids in 3 separate swim 3 different pools. Not too bright on my part.

We shared germs with our friends....

We dressed up for Father's Day at church (guess which one is Bill)
We hung with old neighbors....totally miss the Hopkins! Please move back!

We set up "Princess Corner" in the dance studio
We rode a variety of horses.....
And loved hanging with the Homeless Hopper Family!
We attended amazing ladybug birthday parties....(and mom felt completely inadequate as a mom and party giver). This mom is incredible!
And Bill got to do his best Ty Pennington impression after working on our ward's Youth Conference Extreme Home Makeover (and he got a lot of new coverage....Big Buddah liked him)

...and basically, everything was a mess in the house.
Tune in later this week for JULY!!!!


brooke said...

3 seperate pools for swimming lessons? Now I feel better about my running around all summer.

I can't guess which one is Bill but I'm pretty impressed with that bishopric. Kiss and now this? I need to move to your ward.

It was fun to start dance again today!

pan x 8 said...

No wonder you had no time for blogging! So much fun with so many good friends!

Peggy Newman said...


Bill said...

I agree with Peggy.

I'm in the yellow.