Sunday, August 15, 2010

I really love her, but..........

I am fully confident in the beauty of my daughter....she has stunning blue eyes, sweet little giggles, the most wonderfully chubby legs, and I practically melt when I put her in her crib and she grabs and squishes her little piggy stuffed animal.


things aren't pretty with her right now at all!
My cousin, Brooke, blogged about her baby entering the ugly phase ( if you aren't reading her blog, you is on the side bar. She is hilarious!). It made me realize that my little princess is in a real diva stage right now. She's like a little wild animal that I must tame somehow.
1. She has a cold and has the yuckiest nose on the planet.
2. She has claws....I can't get her still enough to cut her nails, and she pinches me all over my arms all day. My arms look like I'm shooting up. She has scratches all over her face because of it.
3. She pulls on one spot of her hair. I'm sure that is leading to a great bald spot. She won't keep on any headband or bow.
4. She army-crawls instead of normal crawling (see video below). Because of this, all her cute, light colored summer outfits are gray by the end of the day (I need to get my carpets cleaned!)
5. She shrieks like a howler monkey in a blender.
6. Big no to cuddling.
7. If she doesn't like the binkie you give her, she happily chucks it across the room. She actually has a "wicked 12-foot arc" (if you were in my immediate family, you would be laughing about that).
8. She drools all over while drinking a bottle, then immediately pushes it away the second she thinks she is done. Very diva-like.
9. She has not slept all that well lately......nor have we.
10. I'm constantly cleaning up a trail of puffies and cheerios, and she loves to throw those, too!

(I can't get this pic rotated, but you get the idea. She looks so happy)

We strapped her in the swing in desperation to get her to sleep. I guess this isn't our safest option anymore.
A friend at church took this of Macy at church on his iPhone.....I'm not sure if you can get it to play, but she does make everyone laugh with her army crawl. Please ignore him saying in the background that I have no idea where she is....I did too know.

Anyways.....I love her. She is everything to me, but these rough patches have got to go. She will be wonderful again soon. Love you, Macy!


Stacey said...

That crawl is impressive! Bet you're counting down the days until nursery... Not to rub it in, but I've got 1 more month.

Monika said...

She is quite the arm pincher. Oweee! But she knows she is so stinking cute. Macy catch some zzzzs and let your momma sleep!

brooke said...

I believed you until I watched the army crawl footage. She is ADORABLE. She may be a diva but she still has her looks.

Karen said...

It's cuter when your diva is a baby. Not so much when she's 4. almost 5. be grateful she isn't dancing this year... :)