Sunday, August 1, 2010


I seriously have nothing to say today, but here I am.

Last week was awesome! Lagoon, boating with my sister, children's museum with my sis-in-law's kids and a wonderful nap last Sunday that I'm still reliving. July has a bit of sparkle and flare to it.

And then there is August. I kind of hate August. Summer has lost it's flavor. I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe (school and work and the general rat race) to drop. I really hate intense heat. My flower pots have almost always burned up at this point. I realized how much I haven't accomplished on my to do list. I have to spend a good hour in Wal-Mart searching out the extremely specific school supplies my kid's school requires. I'm in search of a pink camouflage backpack and have yet to find one. My cat sheds a lot in the summer. I have to go running early enough in the morning before it's crazy hot. At some point, I have to lug a summer's worth of toys out of the dance studio so I can teach again. Heavy sigh.

I don't like posts that are all Debbie Downers, so here are it's good points: fresh tomatoes and corn.

That's about it....

I would eat that every dinner in August, but my kids would start complaining. I'm having dinner brain blocks lately.....PLEASE SHARE GOOD EASY IDEAS for dinners. I'm tapped out.

Happy August to you all!


Monika said...

Yah, not ready for summer to be over. I planned to be all unpacked before getting back to the grind. Hmmmmm, not going to happen, but on the bright side 3 of our kids will be in school a couple mornings a week. The end of summer always makes me think I am seriously lacking in the "fun mom" department.

brooke said...

Dinner is the bain of my existence. Seriously, no one should be expected to cook in the summer. I made your white trash chicken and it was delicious.

We do a lot of grilled cheese and tomato soup and breakfast for dinner, etc. I love picking up the rotisserie chickens at Costco and my kids eat that with ketchup--so easy.

I haven't even ventured to Walmart yet for the school supplies. I did shell out a pretty penny for Luke to get the star wars backpack from PBK. Good luck on the pink camo one for cute Emi!

Stacey said...

I had the SAME feeling when I flipped the calendar to August... I had such great plans and ideas to make this summer better than the last 2 (thanks to pregnancy and new baby), but that list has now been completed. I have no more good ideas, just kids who want to watch hours and hours of Phineas and Ferb and Wipeout...

Jensen Family said...

I've been doing lots of cold pasta salads, or chicken salads this summer. It's been so great even though my kids take one bite and then stop, but too bad for them. I can make them earlier and they are nice and cool by dinner time. I usually hate August too, which is why I planned too many trips this summer, oh well, I'm having fun even if no one else is. As for school supplies, there are some items I wish the teachers would give us an idea where to find them b/c I certainly have no clue. If it's not at WalMart, we don't get it.

Bill said...

August is one of my favorite months!. Here is why...
1. My BDay falls on 8/27, I spent the whole month looking forward to that day and so August is a little magical to me.
2. Football starts in August and for a short period ESPN is all about football and baseball with no basketball getting in the way.
3. Utah Sweet Corn and Tomatoes - Let's eat it every night... to heck with the kids!
4. Thunderstorms! I absolutely love them - to heck with those wimpy von Trapp kids- I say bring it on! August brings the best storms of the year.
5. Back to school - I love the commercial with the dad taking the kids to buy school supplies as he dances in the aisles to "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." But truthfully, I prefer the kids to be home (Homework is even a bigger drag as a parent, plus our school gives so much).

August Rules!

pan x 8 said...

August is like a month that shouldn't exist but is still there~!! I love the pick ups though!!