Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm just a little behind....Merry Christmas!

I am well aware that it is the end of January...but truthfully, I haven't had a moment to breathe since Christmas. And there was the little issue of technical problems with my computer, but that's now over and I finally present my Christmas pics. Not that any of you care to see this so late in the game, but this is kind of my journal, so I'd like the record of it in case my scrapbooks burn up one day (especially since these pics just may never get scrapbooked at the rate I'm moving!)

Emi and Parker and their Christmas Piano recital. Parker played "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" and Emi played "Oh Christmas Tree" . Doesn't Parker look old?
Stockings...I didn't have my stockings out much during December, thanks to Quinn's ability to pull them down and hurt himself.

Emi with her stash...."Mia", a kitchen, and Webkinz clothes.
Christmas Eve with their new slippers.
Parker being way more interested in Quinn's new fire truck than his stuff. 

Looking back, it was a super day! Kids were happy, they are STILL loving the toys they got, and we just had a ball. 

Sorry, boring post. Happy January!


brooke said...

Not boring. I love seeing "real life" posts. I love the red kitchen Emi got. I also love the photo of Parker with his arm around Emi. How cool that they can play the piano that well. I would love to get Luke started soon. It's never to late to post about Christmas.

Edwards Family said...

I agree with Brooke. I loved seeing the pictures. The kids are so adorable :) I agree with you too. I think this week is the first week I've had to come for air since Christmas. The month has flown! At least now you can count down until you leave for vacation!

the "Pan"lings said...

My thoughts are always the same as what is already on this sidebar! Not boring at all... so cute. You're kids are the most darling ever!

What a great Christmas!

Mark Newman said...

Love the photos!

kj said...

Love the pictures! What a fun Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, (I don't think I told you)Your Christmas card was BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a pretty family!

Marrdy said...

That wasn't boring. Christmas is always fun. Your kids are so cute and what fun. I still wish my kids were little.