Monday, January 19, 2009

BFF's (Janice...don't read this)

Here are Jade and Emi...3 weeks apart in age and BFF's forever. How cute are they?


Well, here is a good story. Monika is pregnant with their 4th (and last) child. Jade, like Emi, has 2 brothers and no sisters. Well, Monika found out she is having a boy. Poor Jade. She cried and is trying hard to accept the fact that in (her words) "she will never get to be twins with anyone". That broke my heart, and it obviously broke Monika's, too. Cute, concerned mom that she is, she went to the store and purchased matching best friend t-shirts for Emi and Jade. I think that is so thoughtful. We had to go to Sweet Tomatoes to celebrate.

(please ignore their brownie-stuffed mouths...they were a little silly)
I took them into the bathroom and a lady actually asked if they were twins. They were SOOO delighted that they had to run back to the table to tell Monika. Fun night! Thanks for the shirt and memories.
(FYI...our friend Janice is seeing how long she can go without finding out the sex of Monika's baby....)


Karen said...

Too cute, and what a fun night out!

Marrdy said...

How cute are those two girls? You know Janice is going to cave. She'll never be able to wait. Until she reads this and then she'll go "Oh, ya???? Watch me."

Monika said...

This post made Jade's day. Thanks Liz!