Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The 2 have collided!

O.K....in the last month, I have ranted on about post offices and computers. Today, they collided in a big way. 
Long, LONG story short: 
1-had to change to Mac because of long history of hell with PC
2- have to order software to change over all my work documents and Quickbooks
3-have to wait for software to arrive so I can do ANYTHING work related
4-get e-mail from Amazon saying they couldn't deliver it when I wasn't home (which I WAS home...use the doorbell) so go get it at the post office.
5- stand in horrendously long line at post office with a grumpy Quinn.
6-worker tells me that it wouldn't be there because Amazon only uses UPS
7- I stupidly say, "oh" thinking I misread the e-mail.
8-Go home, read the e-mail.....IT IS TOO AT THE POST OFFICE!!!!!!!
9-Swear and drink a diet coke.


Ashley said...

I am with you that those are the 2 worst things ever. Nothing brings me to tears faster than bad customer service, and I make Tyler do all things computer/software related bc it is so dang frustrating. Once it's all settled you'll love your mac! I got one a couple years ago and won't go back.

Your blog background is so cute!!! It is just what I need to see during dreary winter.

Bill said...

10. Call your husband and rant about USPS
11. Husband calls post office and gets nice lady to look for package
12. Package shows up on your porch later that afternoon
13. Shower hubby with affection

brooke said...

I love Bill's comment. Husbands have a way of solving things when we just can't face it anymore. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new background. It is sooo cute--pink and green sparkly is the best.

brooke said...

I also Love the banner photo of the kids on the beach. So cute.

Edwards Family said...

First of all computers are poopy and software is the poopiest! LOVE your background!! SOO CUTE! Also, I'm glad Bill was able to help you. Poor guy had to hear me rant all day.

Cindy said...

Was it the know it all/long haired/ hippy/post nazi....if you've experienced him you know who I'm talking about. He is always mean to me....especially when the line is long and I have all 4 kids. I am so sorry!

Marrdy said...

I have had it too with Fed Ex, UPS and the postal service. Pour me a tall Diet Coke and I will come and swear with you!