Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random thoughts for a Thursday

1-As horribly cold as it is right now (if you live in Utah, you know what I'm talking about), I still find myself running to the store without a coat or running out to get the mail barefoot. Stupid!

2-New delicious the 2 types of Costco salsa (peach and regular) and combine them. Sweet and tangy. Don't you love the universal language of Costco?

3-Why does my cat insist on using his litter box ONLY when I am around. He waits until I come downstairs to do his business. This is just one little glimpse into his completely messed up head. He is literally crazy. It's pretty sad.

4-Last night, I found myself fipping between "Super-Nanny" and "American Idol". I think both make me feel superior....maybe that's why we like it. The auditions on "AI" are so pathetic and crazy.....not that I have a good singing voice, but I know better than to audition for it. "SN" is always a favorite because, no matter how bad my kids have been that day, they are still not swearing at me or flipping me off (yet). I hope the writer's strike is over soon.....

5-Zupas just opened another location by my gym!!!! If you've never experienced the Zupas, you are missing out. Now I don't have to fight for a parking space in the Draper location to get my Vermont Maple Blueberry Salad and chocolate covered strawberry.

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youreprettytoo said...

I love Zupas too! I wish there was one cloer to my house, not that Draper is very far away, but far enough not go regularly!:( Also there is a guy from my ward who made it to Hollywood on "Amercian Idol". His audition will be this Tuesday. His name is David Archuleta. Watch for him!