Sunday, January 20, 2008

Famous People

I was inspired by my friend Kari's blog about a celeb party she went to once and it got me thinking about my list of famous people sightings.....notice I say sightings, not meetings. So, in the spirit of Sundance, here is my list:

1-Pat Sajak....I stood in line behind him at the LA farmer's market. I was in high was cool at the time.

2-Orville Redenbacher...I stood in an elevator at my parent's time share in Coronado with him. He wasn't wearing the famed horn-rimmed glasses, but it was him. Apparently, he was an owner of the resort.

3-William Shatner...he was walking down the street right next to Central Park. I was with my dance company girls at the time.....they didn't know who he was. I'm so old.

4-Robin of the coolest. I was at the San Francisco children's museum the day after Mark's wedding. He lives in the area and used to frequent the museum a lot when his kids were younger. He was very nice to all around him.

5-Jerry the JFK airport.

6-When I worked with the Olympics, I got my eyes on a lot of celebs: Sting (I kissed his trailer), KISS, Christina Aguilera, Kristi Yamaguchi, Moby, N'Sync, and Earth, Wind, and Fire (Boogie...on DOWN!)

7- Also at the Olympics, I was within inches of Angelina Jolie. She was there for some charity. This was post-Billy Bob, pre-Brad. She looked remarkably viles of blood.

8-Oh yeah....I shook hands with Pres. Bush at the opening ceremonies. Mitt, too.

9-I saw Brian Austin Green (90210) and Sarah Gilbert (Roseanne) as featured guests at a national drill team competition. Woo hoo!

10- David Letterman....I sat on a stinky NY street for 6 hours to get standby tickets. In my single days......

11-On broadway, I saw Nathan Lane (A Funny Things Happened.....) and Jerry Lewis (Damn Yankees).

12- In concert, I've seen B-52's, Janet Jackson, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Howard Jones, Def Leopard (sp?), and various others.

13- Perhaps my closest brush with celebrity....Dennis Miller(Saturday Night Live). Bill and I were in Sun Valley with some friends. People were just milling around the streets, enjoying the summer night. Bill was goofing off with some crosswalk flags....I don't remember why. Dennis Miller, his wife, and sons started laughing at him and were walking up to talk to us. Bill looked at him, pointed the bright, orange flag at him, and yelled, "It's DENNIS MILLER!!!". He walked away.

14- Oh yeah....when I was in London, I guess I was on the Tube with some actor from "Tron". This really impressed the computer nerd in our study abroad group.


youreprettytoo said...

Wow, Liz! Your list is a lot more impressive than mine. My favorite is Bill scaring away Dennis Miller.

Amy said...

LOL! Good stuff, Liz. BTW, what's up with Stacey? She hasn't posted in like 6 weeks??