Sunday, January 6, 2008

New York, New York!

Here are the top ten events of our fabulous New York Christmas!
10. American Girl cafe with Emi and cute.
9. Staten Island Ferry....ok, so we lost Bill and Parker for a time, but still fun. A great way to see the Statue of Liberty. We also walked up to Ground Zero...strange and sad. This adventure also marked Bill's first attempt at driving in NYC. We are still married.
8. Train exhibit at the Botanical Gardens. So fun...and I don't generally dig the trains. Grandpa was in heaven.
7. Bronx Zoo....with LIGHTS! Other than being completely SOAKED with rain (our only bad weather), it was so fun to see the seals, ride the bug carousel, and eat smores. The boys also got to experience Central Park Zoo while the girls went to American Girl.
6. Museum of Natural History....this was basically in honor of "Night at the Museum". Had to see it "Dum-dum" here. Apparently, we weren't the only ones who had to have a pic of Dum Dum who likes the gum gum. After this, we subwayed to Time Square, saw Toys-R-Us, and remembered why we weren't staying to see the ball drop!

5. Top of the Rock....great view of everything. Parker is in LOVE with the Chrysler building. There was also a cool light show up there. Fun surprises everywhere in NYC.
4. WICKED! Loved it....this was our anniversary present to each other. I loved that I didn't know much about it before I saw it. This was preceded by a yummy meal at Dos Caminos ( I think that translates to super cool restaurant with killer guacamole and awesome lighting) and a great (yet fast) shopping spree in HM. I'm kind of a machine when shopping with a time budget. Still managed to get 2 outfits, jewelry, and a purse (all for $100)!!!

3. Rockefeller tree

2. The Rockette Christmas show. As a former "precision dancer girl" myself, I knew I would love it. But the kids were still the whole way through! 3-D stuff, hundreds of tap dancing Santas, Toy Soldiers falling, and a live Nativity. I didn't want it to end!
1. The best part of New York was COUSIN TIME!!! 7 little bodies on Christmas morning is a sight to behold. I'm still amazed we maneuvered through the city with 7 kids under 9.

Thanks Mark and Kathryn for having us (and Grandma and Grandpa for helping us with crowd control). Can we come for Easter, too!


Tim & Peggy Newman said...

Great blog! I will keep it on my bookmarks. You brought back the whole trip for me. Why we didn't lose a few children in the big city is a mystery to me. The kids played so well. Will send additional pictures to you from my camera this week.

Love, Dad

Kathryn said...

Great recap. We miss you!

youreprettytoo said...

What a fun trip! I would love to go there someday. I also saw WICKED in L.A. this past summer and loved it too! BTW- you look great and your kids are adorable!