Friday, December 14, 2007

Our (almost) finished basement

My mega-desk (above) and mini-kitchen (below)

Parker's automotive-themed room
New family room (minus pictures, furniture, etc)

We started planning this project last Christmas, broke walls down in May, and have been mostly done since October. So nice to have the extra space. My favorite area is my dream desk! I remember my mom telling me (when I was a teenager) to have a room with counters and cabinets. I didn't really get it until now. It's heaven. We still need to add furniture to the family room, tile the bathroom shower, and put a floor down in Bill's office. Oh yeah...the family room is wired for surround sound (thanks Kip) and one day will have the mega TV. Great. Honestly...we had wonderful help getting this done. Thanks Boyd, Dad, Kip, Jim, Paul, Cody, Mike, and Travis. It's great to have friends who have these talents! I'm also pretty amazed with my husband and his project management skills, as well as his figuring out how to do blue-prints and lighting design all by himself. He's a renaissance man

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