Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy 9th Anniversary

I've been married for 9
Bill....I know we are celebrating at "Wicked" in NY for our anniversary, but I couldn't help but let you know why I love you TODAY!

9 reasons that Bill is the best!

1-Bill is the perfect dad....I always knew he would be. He is so patient to play a long game with the kids, "wrastle", and spend special time with each. Yet, he is a good disciplinarian. It's a great mix. I came home the other day, and Bill was helping Parker and Emi count out tithing from their piggy banks. Impressive, thoughtful, and sweet.

2-He will clean the toilets for me after I've had stomach-flu....well, except this last time.....He's also dealt with some gucky child delivery stuff.

3-Bill can make a boring task like shopping for men's overcoats...and anything I credit his 3 older sisters for his love of shopping. He always picks out great things for me and never makes me feel bad for what I spend on myself. I love that he cannot walk out of "GapBody" without a new pair of cute PJ's for me, even if they are the exact same ones (just opposite colors) as the one before.

4- Awesome dancer.....very smooth. Has no problem letting me lead on occassion (occupational hazard), but is a very competent leader on his own. He has great crazy dances as well, but you don't want to see them.

5-Bill loves (tolerates?) my family, as I do his. I was lucky to find such a great family to become a part of. They are always good for a laugh, shopping spree, and are SO great to my kids (the prodigal cousins) who don't live in CA. I'm even kind of fond of Rusty, the rat dog.

6-His sense of humor was one of the first things that attracted me to him (after the cute smile and blue eyes). His wit is lightening quick (just ask my mom) and intelligent. It has become a life-saver for me on days where living with an Asperger's child is too much.

7-He has moved drill team sets, made up my recital themes, and sat through countless dance routines. Dedication!

8- Bill is so genuine! He has very loyal friends because of this. Once you are a friend of Bill's, you are always his friend. I've got the Christmas card list to prove it.

9- HOTTEST biker on the hill...enough said!


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