Friday, December 7, 2007

Ode to Artic Circle

Maybe this is not "blog-worthy", but I just have to do it. I'm not a big a fan of fast food playplaces....mostly because I overheard a woman talk about her son sliding into a big pile of throw-up at Carl's Jr. That being said, my kids LOVE them. They are kind of unavoidable with our frequent trips to California.
Emi's birthday was yesterday, so I took Emi, Quinn, and her best friend Jade to Artic Circle (a Utah food chain) to lunch. They are so accommodating to kids. They had an attendant in the play area who brought you your meals, brought you Ketchup, and brought you ice creams at the end. So nice when you've got a baby to worry about. You just don't see service like that at many places. Yea for the food isn't hideous like McDonalds.


youreprettytoo said...

So good to know! I usually end up at McDonald's, but now I will have to try and steer my kids to Artic Circle!

The Syphus Family said...

Hey Liz! It is nice to know my friends also appreciate the 'extra' benefits of fast-food places! Besides all the fun play stuff, I will add that our favorite fast-food place, In-and-Out, is probably the most nutritious meal Scott will eat willingly: fries (made on-site), ketchup and a milkshake counts as 2 veggies and a dairy in my mind.