Monday, June 17, 2013

June, in all it's glory!

I really love June. I've just accomplished recital, summer is new and exciting, and it is always so welcome. 

I, however, do not enjoy the last few weeks of school. My theory is the teachers do everything they can to make you live at that school so you are just so excited to have your kids home when summer actually hits. I'm always so relieved I don't work the last few weeks of school or I'd miss so much. Yes, I was a stellar Statue of Liberty for Quinn's road rally. Green flannel sheets and 95 degree weather do not make for a happy statue. Quinn's Jeep was so cute. Good job, Bill!

 Favorite teacher at my kid's school. She is so real, practical, and awesome. I will force my next two kids into her classroom if it kills me. 

Macy, Quinn, and Emi have been in swim lessons. In five lessons, Macy went from screaming when she had to put her face into the water to swimming unattended for a few (terrifying) seconds. Go Macy! 

I'm sort of on a healthy kick. But not really. 

Have I mentioned we now own a boat? Of course, I have no pic of the boat, but yes, I have a picture of their mud castles. Boat ownership....I'll get into that another day.

Tennis camp.....even in the crazy early heat of June, Emi loved it and I hope she keeps up with it. 

This is my attempt at Family Home Evening when dad is working late. Are they all holding their crotch? Hmm, just realized that. 

Splash pads

Bill and I were lucky enough to fill in for the Bishop to go to Oakcrest. I love that place and can't wait for Emi to go in a few years. Our beehives are always the cutest! I love them. 

 Macy, as always, is a constant crack up.

I took the kids to "Planet Play" or "whatever the heck it's named right now". This place was so cute back when it started a few years back. It's now on it's 3rd owner, and has really gotten a bit slummy. For example, the bumper cars only have 2 cars going. So, you get to bump into one person. FUN! I did  discover that I love laser tag.

Bill's parents have been in town, which was perfect for the Daddy-daughter dance our city puts on. The girls had so much fun, and Grandpa showed off his limbo skills. He was a bit sore the day after. Bill and his dad are spitting images of each other. 

Love this pic of the bubble on Emi's glasses.

Today was hard! Macy started preschool camp and Parker headed to his first weeklong scout camp. I'm dying! I worry about him so very much and miss him already. I'm in anxiety overload wondering how he's surviving. This is big for him, and I just pray it's a great experience. Oh yeah, Macy rocked it at preschool camp and has yet another boyfriend, though she can't remember his name.

So, not exactly relaxing, but it has been fun so far. Except today. I'm fighting a summer cold and went to my back doctor to check on the progress of my ever-painful back and hip. She basically said she wished she could form a support group for people with mid-back injuries like mine because that's about all they can do. She did give me 8 trigger-point injections (shots...yes shots) in my mid back. Feeling really good about now....not. As for the hip, another MRI is needed (cha-ching) to hopefully find bulging discs in my SI joint so that I can get cortisone shots. I guess you didn't need to know all this. I'm just venting. 

Happy June! It goes so fast. I wish it would slow down. 

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Stacey said...

Love the pictures - especially the just Dance one! Can't wait to hear more details about it all in a couple of days!