Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dancing Through the Decades

Well, it's been 10 days since recital, so I just might have recovered by now. Maybe not. But at least I'm finally posting some pics.

(Note to self....I cannot let recital season come again without a better camera. I need to get a little more high tech with my photography. iPhones and quick snap cameras don't do the job on a stage. Sorry for fuzzy pics)

My theme was recycled; "Dancing Through the Decades". Super easy to come up with songs, just tricky narrowing it down. I had 3 dances that I spliced 3 songs together because I couldn't decide. I did this theme 6 years ago and re-used a few dances. That was nice to have a teeny bit less work on my shoulders.

So....it was great I must say. My girls are great and they have a super spirit about them. I can honestly say I love everyone of my dancers.

Macy's first recital! I'm so very proud. She did the same dance that Emi did 6 years ago.....awwwww!

(Not all dances are shown....must secure me some better pictures of them. Missing "A Tribute to Silent Film". "Puttin' on the Ritz", "Happy Days are Here Again", and "Rock Around the Clock"
Over the Rainbow (30's)

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (40's)

You are My Sunshine (40's)

Macy in Earth Angel (50's)
She will sing it for you if you want =-)

Dream (50's)

Smile (50's)
Respect (60's)

Surfin' USA (60's)

Emi is my bunny in Superstition (70's). This is my fun dance with the older girls. It seriously was my favorite silly dance ever. We had 10 superstitions people had to find in the dance. They stole Emi's bunny foot as a good luck charm.

I like to involve the whole family in recital, though Quinn would have nothing of it. Parker stepped up to be the "mother" whose back gets broke from a crack in the sidewalk. Thanks buddy!

Something In the Way She Moves (70's)

Jessica's Theme (80's)
My lovely Emi....It's really hard to run a recital when I'm tearing up backstage because she looks so beautiful. 

A blurry look at We've Got the Beat (80's)

Forever 80's ( I mixed "Forever Young", "What I Like About You", and "Livin' on a Prayer" )

We teachers even danced. We pulled our grunge out a little and did "Better Man". Go 90's

Everybody Vogue to the Rhythm (3 songs....90's)

Shake it Emi!

Defining Peace (today)
A lovely, lovely piece by Jenn. She is sadly retiring after 9 years on and off at the studio. She will be sorely missed!

A Thousand Years (today)

I let my 5 oldest classes bow. 

Yea....we finally get a pic together in the parking lot. That's a happy Liz right there.

My insanely amazing teaching staff. So glad I have them.

So....bam! Done! Onto to other stuff. Like sleep....finally!

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Anonymous said...

I think the recital was wonderful. The girls are so cute. I always enjoy being back stage jamming to the tunes!