Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Californians......

I only named this post that for's a private joke. If you've seen the SNL skit, you'll know what I'm talking about.

So....I finished my 2nd and 3rd Cali trip of the year. Both within 3 weeks time. The 2nd was to visit my dear roommates from my BYU days. I took very few pictures, but needless to say, it was AWESOME!

But I flew home just in time to pack for more California fun with my family. There isn't much about our annual trip that changes. Swimming, oodles of beach time, fun with cousins.....same old. But we love it and that's why it is generally the same year to year. Tradition, and it's actually a tradition I love.

One new feature is the "new-to-us" car. The van has moved on to brighter pastures, and we have a bigger car for bigger bodies, but a bit less storage. Needless to say we will be purchasing a roof rack soon. It was packed to the top. 

Bill sporting Emi's new beach hat. 
 We stopped in St. George to eat with our dear friends. It was supposed to be a quick stopover, and I yelled "NO SWIMMING" as I ran out the door to do a quick errand. But 115 degree heat, can you really blame them? Here is Macy swimming in her undies. Classy. Parker at least kept on his shorts. 
 We spent the night in Tehachapi with Bill's parents. I post this pic because Emi looks like she has horns coming out of her head. 
 Then off to Hollywood! We've never really done LA with the kids. So, we figured it was time.

 I thought this was funny....the Lone Ranger on top.

 It was pretty hot. 
 This is perhaps the first of many drama awards Macy will win in her life. Parker handed her this statue that said "Best Diva" because, really, she is. When I went to put it back, she threw a total diva hissy fit, as you can see by the tear on her face. So, like any good (and exhausted) parent, I threw down $10 for a statue....which she actually LOVES and carries around all the time.

If there hadn't been construction, you could see all the Star Wars people. 

Marilyn Monroe
 These stairs played like a piano. Totally fun. And in the shade.

Bill kind of ruined my Rodeo Drive moment because he insisted on shaving as we drove down. Again, my classy family. 

LA just seems so huge compared to all the little ones they are building.

 We hit Santa Monica, too. Pretty fun. No one listened to me as I said "don't get wet". I'm sensing a theme on this trip.

 The best moment of the day was finding a Johnny Rockets, sitting at the bar, and their crazy quick service for my hungry kids. 
 San Diego, here we come.....

this pic just cracked me up
 So, we rolled out to the beach on Monday. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

 Seaport Village

My favorite shop. 

 We actually got a little rain! But not bad. 
 It didn't slow Parker down from castle building.

 Our favorite picture spot at the Del

 We hit the San Diego Zoo. I've never taken them there. Very fun. I'm all for a zoo with a bus that takes to you around to see it all first. I won't bore you with every animal pic.....

Quinn's got a thing for lions.

 Soaking our tired, achy feet at the resort. It felt sooooo good. 
 Bill, Parker, and cousin Josh boogie boarding. The waves were great and the water was warm. Unfortunately, that means jellyfish. Something we have NEVER dealt with in Coronado. I got stung! Wasn't too bad and lest you wonder, vinegar at the life guard station does the same thing as urine to make it feel better. 

 We collected crabs

 Macy and cousin Thomas in a serious golf match

I took some nicer pics on the last night, but most are on my dad's camera. I'll post them when I get the card.

 ....and finished with another trip to Mootime Creamery.

Sorry, so many pics. So, in a nutshell, great time, fun people, and it's taken me a week to recover. 


Lisa said...

So fun! I could comment on every single picture but I'm sure you don't need my thoughts on it all! My favorite picture is the one of the "temporary visitors center". I loved Parkers confused look on his face- classic!

brooke said...

This post actually makes me want to return to blogging. I am so jealous of your annual California trip. I love Southern California and especially Coronado.

I loved Macy crying over the diva statue. That is so classic. Everything you did looked fun--especially Hollywood. Stuff like this makes me wish I was married--even the pic of Bill shaving on Rodeo drive--maybe especially the pic of Bill shaving on Rodeo drive!