Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Olympic memories

Roots clothing....there are some fads I don't understand, but I still really understand the Roots obsession during the games. It's cute. No, I have NOT donned my beanie since 2002, but I won't ever throw it away. Plus, the stuff lasts. Bill is hard on his t-shirts, but he bought a couple t's and a sweatshirt that are still in amazing condition. Whenever I'm in Park City, I have to stop into the Roots store on main street, and I most often buy something. Quality stuff.

Events....Bill and I plunked down some cash and got a cool ticket package. No skating, darn it, but fun stuff still the same. They weren't easy to come by. We saw hockey, a downhill ski event (sort of), ski jumping and snowboarding. We gave our cross-country tickets away, but I was o.k. with that. I think ski jumping was my favorite. It's always been a dream of mine to do that, and it's on my bucket list. Do you know there are camps up in Park City for this? I'm there! There was no good U.S. ski jumper that had made it into the finals, so we were quickly adopted into the German contingency since we were sitting by them and they gave us flags. We had a blast...I think we got silver. Isn't that what the Olympics are about? As for the downhill ski event...that was a little disastrous. It was the 3rd day of the Olympics, and we had been warned about horrible traffic (which didn't happen), so we woke up early after staying at my mom's house, drove way out west to board a bus that took us to another bus to take us up to Snowbasin. They delayed the event for 2 hours, and the line for food was CRAZY. Then they cancelled the event because of wind. I was bummed! Bill ended up going the next day with a friend because I couldn't go, and he had fun. That was my Olympic low.

I did not, however, experience Olympic curling as my brother did. That might have been my low.

I really enjoyed the times we hung out downtown in the party zone. It was super fun to see people from everywhere. We took Parker and took a bunch of pics so that we could one day show him that he went to an Olympics. Being a volunteer, I got to go to a medals ceremony. They ended with concerts. We saw N'Sync...oooo yah!

Anyway....I think I might have one more post in me for the closing ceremonies. All two of you readers will enjoy it =-)

Maybe my scanner will work so I can put on pics!

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brooke said...

It's fun to read about your Olympic memories...Sam and I went to Vegas during the Olympics to avoid the craziness here...we are party poopers.

Oh, and I love Parker piping up with the home teachers. I would secretly kind of love that because isn't that what everyone was already thinking?!