Sunday, March 11, 2012

Could it be?

I've been so completely uninspired to write blog posts lately. Could it be that I've discovered Pinterest? Could it be that my last 3 posts combined inspired approximately 4 comments? Could it be that a few signs of spring hit and I've been finding little reasons to get outside? Could it be that life is moving at the speed of light around here? Could it be that it isn't a good idea to be a wife, mom of 4, business owner, room mom, and in the YW presidency? Could it be that I've actually been exercising a heck of a lot more recently? Could it be that my recital is rapidly approaching? Could it be that I'm considering shutting down my blog because I don't need one more thing to do?'re right! The answer is all of the above. Life is good, but just a fast-paced as ever right now. I would love to journal so much of the funny stuff (and the seriously not funny stuff), but I'm fried by the end of the day.

Highlights: Macy is hilarious right now. She's all about being "Super Macy" and runs around in Quinn's superman cape. Grandma saw the need and sewed her up the cutest girl cape. It has an "M" on it that looks like a lightning rod. She chose against putting a "SM" knowing Bill would never let her here the end of it. (if you don't get that, you are pure and shouldn't be reading my blog). She is also in love with "TinkyBell", which makes me happy because this girl is equally into cars, trucks, trains, and dinosaurs.

Macy loves Fosse. And Fosse lets her do what she will to him, unlike how treated the others. I think he's so old that he has given up. However, the other night, I was holding her while she pet him. I guess he'd had it and reached to bite her. He can't technically bite as he has no teeth, but he likes to pretend he does. She was if her hero had fallen. She kept saying, "Be nice, Fosse" in the saddest little voice. "Fosse eat my arm!". I feel like she has lost some innocence because of it. you can see, Macy is making the doldrums of this time of year fun and I love her to pieces.

Emi received Superior at Federation. She was thrilled and I'm so proud of her. Parker, however, did not. He completely blanked on his very challenging Bach piece and stumbled through it. Being that he prides himself on being good (which, in fairness, he really is), this was a blow to his pride. Personally, I'm glad he did. A little humbling never hurt anyone. That's awful that I feel that way.

Quinn is surging deep into the world of Star Wars. Parker is more than happy to show him all the movies and I've loved watching them bond in their little geek world. I let them stay up until 10:30 the other night cause they were so happy playing Star Wars in Parker's room...NO FIGHTING!

I love my dear Emi.....but I worry. She's quiet and sweet and soooo helpful, but I kind of feel she hasn't found her passion in life. How stupid does that sound! I know...she's 9! She loves dance, but not enough to put tons of time into it. Same with piano. And soccer. I just kind of can't figure out what her passion is. She likes to do a lot of things, so I shouldn't worry. I just hope she finds it out and has something she loves in her life. My plan is to throw a bunch of stuff her way this summer. Starting with tennis. That sounds fun, right?

Parker....that's a post in my head that will probably never make it out. It's kind of a deep, dark post that should never see a computer screen. He's so hard right now. It's hard to weed out what is the Asperger's and what is the pre-teen. There is a good reason that the autism symbol is a puzzle piece. We are in constant motion to see what fits and doesn't for him and his needs. I worry desperately about his future. I won't go into details, but if you know someone dealing with a special needs kid in ANY area, cut them some slack and give them a hug. Help them know they aren't alone. I guarantee they feel alone.

Sorry...back to happy. I never know how much to share with that.

As for Bill and I, we are those 2 ships constantly passing in the night. We are about to attempt a kitchen remodel, so that should pretty much put me in the looney bin for good. Wish me luck. The anxiety level that I feel about choosing permanent stuff for my house gives me a rash. Still, I can't wait!

That's the skinny around here. I'm blessed. I'm happy. Just really, really tired.

Oh yeah...I won a swimsuit competition! (I wish that was how it really's not!)


Ashley said...

Liz I love you. I do have a friend with a special needs son and I am going to be a better friend to her.

Love that you won the swimsuit competition. I keep meaning to ask Brooke if she rigged that, because of course we would all want you to win.

It's funny that you're worried about Emi's passion. I have never felt like I had a passion. It's been both a blessing and a curse. Maybe my mom should have tried harder when I was a kid!

brooke said...

I love you too. Please don't stop blogging. my blog is dying too but i figure a post every few weeks is better than nothing.

I love hearing updates on your kids. Please let me know if you find good tennis lessons..Luke and Sammie love tennis.

My heart goes out to you with Parker's asperger's. I think we all privately battle our own problems and some are just more public than others. You have supported me so much this past year, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

I'm dying over the story of Macy and Fosse. So hilarious and sad at the same time.

Bill said...

It would be sad not to read any more posts - I promise to comment more. I need Ashley and Brooke to teach me how to get notified when you post, so I can be more punctual with my replies... but that may require me to start blogging, which is likely to turn out like me scripture study, too infrequent and end with me trailing off to sleep without ever finis

Emily K. said...

This morning I seriously thought, "Liz hasn't posted in a while". Then SURPISE! Here you are. I read your posts on google reader so even though I usually want to comment, I don't. DON'T STOP BLOGGING! I love seeing your cute family and what you're up to. SO, for my own selfish reasons, help me keep connected to you :)
On another note, I also need your posts about Parker because although I know you have it WAY harder than I do, you bring me hope with Patch. We struggle. A LOT. I have often thought of calling you for advice but my pride gets in the way and i figure I should be doing better with him.
As far as the passion thing goes, I too worry about that since Tyler and Caely have found something to be passionate about, but I also realize I had secret passions that I was too embarrassed to share with my family and friends (like music)and it's okay for my other two to not be driven, or for there to be an invisible drive. You get what I'm saying, right?!
Liz, you're amazing. SOrry for this crazy long comment, but that's what happens when it's long over due.

Karen said...

Liz - I agree with everything that's been said. Don't let your blog die. But at the same time, don't feel guilt or pressure about it if right now posts are fewer and far between.

I love that you are worried about finding Emi's passion. Enjoy that there's one less time consuming thing in your life.

I love the Macy stories.

As far as the Parker/aspergers/preteen thing, I can't even begin to imagine the perfect storm of chaos that those combine to form. Preteen in the best of circumstances is trying. Don't hesitate to ask for the things you need. From anyone. From the Lord, the bishopric, from your friends... You NEVER have to do this alone.

Love you!