Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quinn-tastic Quinn!

Well, my little Quinn has hit his quint year (doesn't that mean 5?). I love my little guy. He's such a funny boy. When we found out he was a boy, I had no idea how "boy" he would be. I really have loved watching his little "boy-ness" because we didn't necessarily get that the first go around with Parker. Here is what I love (and don't love) about Quinn right now:

1- The boy hates to wash his hands. He inevitably asks me every time he uses the restroom if he has to wash his hands. He seems surprised when I say this is new to him. You'd think I had asked him to slice off his hands. He even sneaks into the bathroom and doesn't flush so I won't hear him.

2- He's a great friend to his buddies, but also a devoted friend to Li-Li, Spotty, Hoppy, Lucky, and Black Lucky. Oh yes....Bullet the fish is mesmerizing to him. I'm glad he hasn't caught on to the fact the Bullet is actually Bullet the Second. You do what you have to do sometimes.

3- He's big into Super Mario anything right now. It's funny, because you catch him reliving scenes from the game throughout the day. He just sits there with a goofy smile on his face. He relives it in his mind, and then stops to tell me all about it. I, of course, don't understand it.

4- The boy has no sense of time. During dinner, he will sometime ask me if this is lunch. I told him his birthday was after Christmas, and he woke up on the 26th in tears because it wasn't his day yet. This has happened 2 years in a row. We had even shown him on several calendars.

5- Quinn's eyes. Anyone who has spent significant time with him knows how funny they can be. He rolls them in such a way that is pure comedy.

6- The primary secretary called me to see if I could tell them a story of when Quinn choose the right for his birthday spotlight. As much as I love him, it was really hard to think of a time when given the choice, he chose the right. I had to really stretch a story to make it work, and even then I had to ask Monika to help me think of it. I guess we will be working on that this year. He's the king of looking to see if I'm watching before he pelts Macy for no reason at all.

7- He prides himself on being the fastest runner in the world....or at least on his soccer team.

8-We've got three separate race tracks going on in our house right now. If I'd let him, there would be 3 train tracks always up as well.

9- You can see through his opaque skin.

10- He's all about cool socks right now....Lightning McQueen, Dump Truck, Mater, Santa, Spiderman....he loves them all.

11- He is, BY FAR, my most emotional child to date. I hope he can toughen up soon.

12- He lives for Thursday afternoons when he gets alone time with Grandma and Grandpa without Macy bugging him.

13- I've learned to start Quinn on dinner about a 1/2 an hour early so that he can finish around the same time as the rest of us. Speaking of dinner....he doesn't like most foods, though I make him eat it. I've become meaner than I used to be.

14- He is always singing something. Usually, it's Christmas songs.

15- He will be the kid who faints at the sight of blood.

16- He's a pretty good swimmer and a surprisingly good diver for his young age.

17-He's a wonderful, snuggly, silly, adorable 5 year old. I love him to pieces.


Monika said...

He's also the funniest knock knock joke comedian in the world! We love you Quinn! Happy Birthday!

brooke said...

The story about having to stretch to come up with a choosing the right story for him made me laugh.

He is a cutie and a total boy. Now it makes sense why he cried when we had to get off the trolley at T point!

Happy birthday Quinn!

pan x 8 said...

What is it with the age 5 and washing hands and pelting sisters and no sense of time and singing all the time and Mario? I completely love this post! Some of the same things happening around my life with a 5-yr-old! I love that pic of him outside dressed in that awesome get-up!

Happy Happy Birthday Quinn!

Marrdy said...

Happy 5th Birthday Quinn. The kid with the most awesome name ever!

Rebekah said...

Love the circus master pictures! He is so cute and I loved getting to know him better through this awesome post! You are such a fanstastic mom!