Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...here are my Halloween pics.

Yeah...November hit and every type of sickness came with it. Stomach flu like you can't believe! So I'm a bit behind. Here is Halloween, as if any of you possibly care since Christmas decorations are on everyone's brains. Parker was Dr. Doofenshmirz, Emi was a BYU cheerleader (so, so proud), Quinn was Mike Wazowski, and Macy a bunny.

The bishopric went full make-up this year. 2 years ago, they were KISS. Last year, the 3 Amigos. This year.....Blue Man, complete with tubes that played music and launched candy.
Can you say blue make-up all over a white bunny? She finally warmed up to him.

Gardner's Village.

Anyway....now that's done. Onto Thanksgiving.
My "Grateful" list"
4 healthy kids
1 super husband
An amazing job I love
A week off of the amazing job I love
My home
Great parents and parent-in-laws
Super friends who will do anything I need
A new Crate &Barrel and H&M in my midst. Utah is becoming awesome!
My heating pad that I sleep with every night
No homework for 6 days
A healing toe after a trip to the podiatrist
Drive-thru anything

And because every Ying has it's Yang.......
Things I'm NOT GRATEFUL for:
Coughing children who cough for days
Those stupid State Farm jingles that get stuck in my head
Leafs to rake
Certain parents of certain students
People that are rude about doing a favor
My back....OOHHHHHH my stupid back
A mile long to-do list
Poopy diapers
Poopy children

Thanks for indulging me. It's been a rough week. Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful people.

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brooke said...

Your kids' Halloween costumes crack me up..they are so cute and fit your kids personalities so well. I have a little BYU cheerleader costume Macy could have worn..oh well.

It was so fun seeing your family the other night at the trolley. Sorry for the fiasco.

I had no idea you hurt your back...that sucks beyond words.