Sunday, September 4, 2011

Look who's 40!

Bill is! As I mentioned before, we decided to throw a little bash for Bill. He didn't want the classic "over the hill" black balloon type of party, but rather a "Halfway to the 80's Prom". I wish I could credit myself for the idea, but my brother did the same thing a year earlier.

There is no bigger fan of the 80's than Bill. A few months into our marriage, there was a show on VH1 called "Musical Jeopardy". I truly could not believe how much knowledge Bill had on every aspect of 80's music. He knew obscure band members, names, years music came out, all from the 80's. I'm not actually making fun of him right now.....I was truly impressed.

So...back to the party. We rented out an old church rec hall in Sandy. It's not a typical church rec hall, and it really looked like an old high school gym. However, we were under the impression that it had air conditioning. didn't. And we were in a heat wave last week. Luckily, we have a lot of friends willing to bring their fans. So it was hot, but oh so fun. I won't even mention the new coat of varnish they stuck on the floor earlier in the week which made it hot AND smelly, but whatever.

Bill had so much fun coming up with a playlist for the night. I love that he was more of a new wave/slightly punk type of 80's guy and not a hair band guy. We danced, people displayed old prom pics, 80's trivia (which I will post later), atari games, prom pics, Ferris Bueller running non-stop and good Costco cake.

I think the best was the outfits. Our hairdresser friend ratted Bill's hair and used a curling iron to really create the desired look. Most of our dear friends dressed for it, of which I'm so glad! Sadly, many of our closet friends were off to the Bear Lake triathalon and other trips, so we really missed them. I wish I could post everyone's pictures, but I'm losing my steam tonight. All I can say is we had a blast and a we LOVE all of you great friends that could come!

Sean and Ashley

Lisa and Jim

Angela and Josh

Yea...that's my bishop and sister bishop =-)

Mitch and Mary

Natalie, the hairdresser

Monika and Chip...Chip has mad dance skills that he shares freely. Probably from all his years as the Brighton High Bengal.

Cutest cousins ever, Ashley and Brooke.

Bodacious, Awesome, Gag me with a Spoon, and Gnarly!


Stacey said...

I SOOO wish I was there! I would have tried to squeeze into my metallic gold/mauve junior prom dress. Looks like a blast... So can you name a few of the songs from the playlist? Happy birthday, Bill!

Rebekah said...

I dont think I have gotten to tell you how sad I was to not get to come! I was SO looking forward to a prom with Lee and getting to dress in the 80's style! BOO HOO for me. ;( Glad it was so much fun!!

Ashley said...

Every detail was perfect! (Well, it was a bit hot--but so were the 80's, right?!?) That group shot is so authentic. I'm so glad I got to be in town for this occasion!

Marrdy said...

What a fun night. Everyone looked so great!! You are a good wife to have such an awesome party.

brooke said...

It was RAD!!!

It really was a fantastic party and I wish I was cool enough to throw something like that. The costco cake was so good and I have to admit, I was a Costco cake virgin before the Prom....but not after!!!

pan x 8 said...

Hate that we missed that... from the fact that I couldn't really move! lol It looked like great fun! Happy Birtday Bill!