Sunday, August 28, 2011

The rest of the August Redux...........

I'm not sure whoever coined the term the "the lazy days of summer", but they were dead wrong.
I have not been lazy. In ANY way. Nor has Bill. He is training for LoToJa (or Logan to Jackson) and I really can't wait to have a husband back in my life. is a little of the recent fun:

Monika and I hosted the final "Bookworms' Bookclub" for the summer. They've met every 2 weeks with a new book and an activity to go along with what they've read. The last was a sleepover book, so "late over" party it was. They decorated cupcakes and had to eat them with hands behind their back. We had several games and ended with nail-painting and "Just Dance". I took a little pleasure in beating the girls at it. I tripled the girl's score. I have one talent in life and I like to use it to make little girls cry.

I started teaching this week. Really love my classes and am seeing improvement in all my girls. Emi hopped back into dance class without missing a beat. Can you believe Macy starts in a year?

We shared coats. Parker and Quinn fought most the summer and I've been excited to get them apart from each other during the school year. The day before school started, they played and laughed together all day. Why couldn't have this happened a month or two earlier?

First day-o-school. Love their teachers. Happy to be with friends. La,la, la........
Macy tried new ways to keep herself busy without her siblings to entertain her. I hope she survives without them. And what is with her....she cannot keep her eyes open in a picture!
Emi's fish died last Friday. was about all I needed. Of course, she noticed right before school started and went into the school in tears. We had a little fish funeral (yes, I bury fish).

But, most importantly....BILL TURNED 40 ON SATURDAY!!!!! What an old man. I threw him a "Halfway to the 80's Prom". This will be it's own separate post once I get all the pics back, but it was super fun. We danced, laughed, hung with old and new friends. Even though we got home quite late, we hung out in the backyard and watched the crazy, crazy lightning storm. Bill LOVES August storms, so it was a perfect end to his great B-day.


brooke said...

The 80s prom was beyond rad! We had a great time and no one could touch your costumes. Bill's hair was the best!

I'm so impressed with the book club. You are a good mom!

Bill said...

Thanks for my Bodacious BDay Bash Hon. The kids and I had a great August - all because of you.

Cindy said...

what a creative woman you are!!! such a fun club for your girlie and an awesome party for your hubby....LOVE IT!!!!

Jensen said...

Glad Bill had such a great birthday! Fun times! How about Just Dance you vs. Bill!