Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wait for it.....Christmas 2010!

Oh, can you believe it.....I had to throw on some of the latter part of December. I really had to do this before it was February. I'm sure all 2 of you who read my blog really care, but I do.
cookies at Grandma

Christmas Eve...they loved their new friends

After the other kids went to bed, Macy ate all the cookies to Santa. Luckily, she didn't drink Santa's coke. That would have REALLY ticked off Santa. Santa was up a long time. (See what I mean about Macy and her inability to keep her eyes open for a picture.) Not her best pic, but she does look pretty pleased with herself.





Santa doesn't wrap at our house. I realize that is a big debate for some families. I give Santa the green light to do as he sees fit. He's got enough on his plate in December.

Look alike American Girl doll for Emi. She has to get her summer tan to really look like her. That's o.k., Emi is usually tan from March to November.

This scary creature is now part of our was left in our milkbox after our Christmas party (people leave their unwanted white elephants at the host's house. I should have been more aware). Scared Parker to death one night. We then stuck it in the offending people's master bath window on Christmas Eve. This is how it was returned. They have 4 boys...this is a battle I don't see us winning.
We got to reunite with old friends. Sean (Parley) has moved into our ward. Jimmy is our long lost bachelor friend from L.A. They were my friends first at BYU, then Bill's, then they made sure we met. AWWWWWWWW. Would someone please marry Jimmy? He's the greatest.

New Year's Eve brought some "Just Dance" fun. Love Bill in this pic. I love a video game that I can actually win. The kids actually stayed up until midnight to see that it wasn't that great.
But they had fun anyway!
Merry Christmas!


pan x 8 said...

Are you kidding Liz? more people read your blog than you know... and I love December in January - one of the best ways to have it..

Oh my that doll of Emi's! So her! =)

youreprettytoo said...

I love it that santa gets coke instead of milk with his cookies. Maybe we should institute that beverage choice at our hosue too since this past xmas Santa & his wife were up until 2 am putting together a dollhouse. Also is Sean someone i know from BYU to? He looks very familiar.

Liz said...

Yes, may not know him. He lived in the love hut our second year in the Riv. Were you in SL by that point? You know Jimmy, right?

Stacey said...

Yeah, Coke for Santa is brilliant. We're leaving some DP next year. And love the picture of Jimmy and Sean! I miss those guys... Kari - I'm pretty sure those guys were there at the Riv that semester before my mission.

brooke said...

Great post! I'm late getting to it. I love that Santa gets coke and that Macy ate all of his cookies. Emi's doll looks just like her! I love seeing how other people do Christmas. I want that Dance Wii game. The photo of Bill is priceless.