Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. Quinn

It's so typical. Middle child is getting the shaft. Quinn turned 4 on 1/11/11, and have not given him a birthday tribute as I did the rest of my family. He's the last in our string of b-days, and I have burned out. There will hardly be a picture or an interesting thing to say. I'm BURNED, BURNED, BURNED out on birthdays, birthday parties, cooped up children, taxes, and recital planning.

But he deserves the love:
1. Quinn has a constant soundtrack going on. He's always singing something, being someone, or just chatting to no one in his cute, high-pitched, Mickey Mouse voice.

2. He has watched his 30 min "Mater's Tall Tales" everyday since he got it at Christmas. He still laughs like it's the first time.

3. He is the ultimate little boy. I'm not sure if it's because he's our last little boy, or if it's because our little boy experience was vastly different with Parker and his disability, but Bill and I thoroughly enjoy his little antics and games. However.......

4. ....with all the extreme cuteness, he his highly emotional and cries at the drop of a hat. He's a little tender. We've resorted to "toughen up". It's heartless, but we don't want him crying at scout camp one day.

5. Li-Li is a huge part of his life, as he has been for 3 full years now. But he's not weird about it. He doesn't drag it everywhere, but he's just around. Li-Li waits for him to come home from pre-school, eats meals with him, sleeps with him, and watches movies with him. It's rare he takes him anywhere, which is good because the world would end if we lost him. Again, the scout camp thing worries me a little. We might have to have an intervention one day. I can't imagine a day where Li-Li doesn't exist in his world. I will be heartbroken.

6. He refers to several things as boring. Not sure why. He always loves them afterwards.

7. You can practically see through his skin. So very albino. I stress our Coronado week every year, though he has yet to totally burn.

8. There are times I think he looks like a Precious Moments kid. I don't even like those, but I still think he's cute like them.

9. He was my fastest potty trainer. Maybe this won't mean anything to him in the future, but I will be eternally grateful to him for this. It's always my worst parenting moment.

10. He is the sweetest little boy. Cute, adorable, loves to be outside, loves to drink chocolate milk, loves snow, loves leaves, loves his cars and trains, loves his Grandparents.....he is sweetness personified and I love him dearly. Happy Birthday, Quinn-quinn-quinners.

P.s. I added a new pic to my header....this is the view from my favorite restaurant in Coronado. I need a little tropical view right about now.


youreprettytoo said...

I forget that Quinn and my Suz are about the same age. Suz has a "be-be"- a blanket she carries around with her everywhere and is constantly rubbing, sort of similar to Li-Li. And its so true.. I will be heartbroken when it isn't a part of her life anymore! I'd never thought about it like that before.

Karen said...

He IS a sweet little guy. And thank you for the taste of the tropical. I needed it too.

brooke said...

Quinn is the cutest little boy. I love that he loves li-li so much. The scout camp stuff made me laugh. Isn't it funny how we already think about that stuff? Happy Birthday Quinn!

I'm starting into our birthday alley--yikes.

Peggy Newman said...

He is truly adorable and has an amazing sense of humor! He always makes me laugh! (And he knows he is funny)

Angela said...

He's so sweet and cute!

Don't worry about the crying at scout camp thing. I have a son who cries all the time too, and he'll be going to scout camp THIS YEAR! I'll let you know how badly he gets beat up.

pan x 8 said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!

They grew up so fast, didn't they Liz??

Chachi is so EMOTIONAL too...
If my oldest Drew can be okay by the time school and scouts started, so can Quinn because Drew was pretty hard!

Love the Mater Tales - our fav too!