Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's new with me

1. was the lovely kind that is fluffy and doesn't stick to your driveway. I didn't have to go anywhere in it. Snow is welcome for about 7 more days, then I will really hate it.
2. Macy has moved to 1 nap. This is her as tired as can be after church. This one nap thing has made her wake up about an hour earlier than normal. I don't understand it. Poor thing is trying so hard to stay awake. In other news, Quinn has moved to no naps, so I'm basically accomplishing nothing!

3. I lost my sanctuary. Bill works from home most days. This is not permanent and I will truly miss the benefits when it's over, but I've lost my master bedroom. My office space (truly, the greatest part of my house) is perfect for me and my studio. Wouldn't be great for him as it doesn't close off. As happy as I was that Macy was a girl, it meant all bedrooms were going to be actual bedrooms. Sorry honey. I used to have this lovely corner in my this is what I see. I listen to these conference calls and have gotten to know people through their accents and voices. It's a strange little world.
4. My new FAVORITE THING! This watercolor. I kept seeing it and really felt it was for me. Sounds corny, but I know I was supposed to have it. This is how I've always pictured babies coming from the pre-existence. I cry when I look at it. Like everytime. I can stare at it forever. It's by Brian Kershisnik and I love it, love it, love it.
5. Recital stuff is in full swing. Costumes are all over my house and my creative juices are a-flowin. It's a big pain but it's MY big pain and I really love it.

6. My new knit cardigan from Down East. No one was home to snap the pic. It goes great with jeans, sweats, and skirts.
7. Emi's long lost slipper...has anyone seen it? I feel like I've searched all weekend for it. She's devastated.

8. Teeth in ........
...and teeth out.
9. A lot of kids have been hard. I will say it's not me always yelling. They are just noisy. Probably cause they are cooped up a lot these days. They yell, I yell, Macy has a piercing scream that leaves my deaf. I'm ready to throw them all into the backyard. Parker has pressed every last button on me and I'm just trying to remain sane. February is always his worst month of the year. We can't explain it, but every year, it hits like a hurricane.

10. A beautiful new necklace from Bill. It's got the SL temple on the front and says "Together Forever" on the back. It was hanging from my rear view mirror yesterday. I really, really needed it. Not to end on a bad note, but it's been a hard few months for me. It's a big mix of being highly overwhelmed, stressed, big-time anxiety, and a bit down. No biggie. Just nice to know I have someone cute in my court. Love you, honey!

What's new with all of you? (Who's really reading this...I want to know!)


Ashley said...

I am so in love with your angels painting--just spent time searching the net to see if I can buy myself one. It's so beautiful and I'm jealous that you get to have it.

I feel your pain on the husband taking over the bedroom. Tyler works from home occasionally and it busts my groove., e.g., "I have a call for the next 45 minutes--Can you please keep the kids quiet?"

Macy is so cute!

Bill said...

Love the teeth pix.
Love You!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you already know what has been going on with us in the last few months...failed adoption, miscarriage, and my mom in the hospital. Blah. Oh the fun side...I bought a cute new jacket for the spring and some new "hiking" pants for the summer. Where did you get the painting...I've never seen it anywhere. Anne

Emily K. said...

That is a lot going on. Glad the month is almost over for you. Sure miss being around you and your cute family! I'm so glad we have technology and blogs to keep in touch :)

brooke said...

Oh so much to say.

I love the angels painting too. Brian Kershisnik is so talented. I love his 10 lepers painting too.

The cardigan is perfect. I love something that goes with skirts and sweats!!

You are so lucky to have Bill working from home and especially that he is set up in the bedroom and not in your cute office downstairs.

Bill is one in a million. I am so jealous of the necklace on a lot of levels...another story for another day. I hope you are feeling better. I'm with Parker. This is the worst time of the year--I need nice weather and healthy kids and to drop 10 pounds and kids back in school and a vacation yada yada yada.

I also want to say how dang impressed I am that you run your studio so well. You make it appear effortless, which I know it is not. Your recitals are amazing and I love having Sammie with you.

brooke said...

Also, I love how real you are on your blog. Reading it actually makes me feel better because I know I'm not the only one screaming at my kids and getting overwhelmed with life.

Angela said...

Love the painting. That's how I find art too, it speaks to me. February is hard. It feels like it never lets up. Love the toothless girlies.

Mark Newman said...


youreprettytoo said...

I'm reading your blog and always loving it! And February has typically been a bad month for me too! i really hope we can get the girls' trip all figured out. Thanks again for heading it up.

Karen said...

How cute is that of Bill?

Deep breaths and repeat after me, "it's almost spring..."

hang in there - and SERIOUSLY, any time you need me to take Macy. I'm good!