Sunday, December 5, 2010

Emi, age 8

Emi is 8 tomorrow. My baby girl is 8. When did that happen?

Here are 8 reasons I love my sweet Emi-Cakes:
1. Emi came at the right time. Heavenly Father knew I needed her and when I needed her. She was my happiest surprise I've ever had and blessed our lives exactly when I needed her. She is a constant support to all around her.

2. Emi is usually happy. She's fierce when she's not, but a joy when she is.

3. She is a great care-taker. She takes care of her room, her siblings, her homework, and her toys. It's sooooo refreshing!

4. She's done it all: skiing, dance, piano, gymnastics, super-reader, smarty-pants girl.

5. Emi is super social and is a wonderful friend to her gaggle of little friends everywhere. She goes to more birthday parties than I have ever seen.

6. We call Emi a monkey. She totally loves it.

7. She is the skinniest creature on the planet, but can eat her weight in pancakes.

8. Bill is really happy that her good looks are being covered up by glasses. He wants to keep her to himself. But she is still gorgeous beyond measure. Stunningly gorgeous, in my opinion.
(at her party this weekend)


Bill said...

Happy B-Day Emi. I Love You!!!
I'm adding one to the list: Emi is a snuggler! Her best trait in my opinion. She always has been and I hope she always is - with me that is. I got to snuggle with her tonight - It's the best!
Love ya Emmers. Have a great day!
- Daddy!

Monika said...

Happy Birthday Emi! You are our favorite 8 year old today! Thanks for being such a great friend!

Peggy Newman said...

It brought tears to my eyes reading about her. You really described her perfectly. She is totally beautiful and just as sweet as she is beautiful. Really a lot llike her mom as a little girl. I love you, Emi.
Grandma N.

Angela said...

Happy B-day, Emi! Parker made sure we said it a lot during carpool. LOVE that top picture of the blog! Best picture ever.