Sunday, November 28, 2010

A whole lot of holiday

There will be no pics....I'll get to that when I can breathe. That point is not now.

Highlights of my recent life:
-Macy is walking. Her hands are outstretched. It's too adorable for words
-Great Thanksgiving at my sister's house in Cache Valley. Super food, plus she is so relaxed as she gets it on the table. A trait that neither me or my mother possess. Parker and Bill enjoyed hot-tubbing in 5 degree weather.
-"Tangled" with the kids. I chased my little blonde princess around the theater, but enjoyed it nonetheless.
- Rockettes Christmas Show. We saw it 3 years ago in NY, but I'm glad my kids could see it again now that they are older. It loses a bit of charm being in the Maverick Center (no 3D beginning and no live animals in Nativity), but fun still the same. I should have been a Rockette. I just need to grow 3 more inches.
- Santa! He always comes to a boutique by my house the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and he is super. Plus there was real snow in the pics. Did you know that he also drives a Chevy van? These are interesting facts you learn when you show up early. Macy cried, but every one of my kids has their year.
- A week off work....enough said!

-The fizzled "Storm of the Decade". When the weatherman gears you up for a big snow, and then it dies, it's disappointing.
-The cold. Ooooooh, so cold.
-The fact that my husband has passed out upstairs instead of dragging my tree up.
-The looming to-do list at my finger tips fingers are too cold to type. Goodnight.

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brooke said...

I saw Santa at SBH on Saturday and thought of you. He looked so cute out there in his sleigh in the snow and I wished I had dragged my kids over for a picture.

I'm impressed that Joyce can pull of a Thanksgiving dinner without becoming Bobby. I am genetically predisposed to be Bobby and I now embrace it. Sam has learned to just stay out of the way.

I dragged the tree upstairs this year by myself, but I did make Sam move a humongous chair downstairs. It took literal tears to get him to do it but it gone done.

Bring on the holidays!