Sunday, December 19, 2010

December pics so far......

Well, it's been a big "Emi" month. Not that my other children haven't done stuff, just not real photo worthy stuff.


Eight year old!

They didn't really duet for the piano recital, but cute nonetheless

After the 1st Nutcracker performance

Sugar Plum Pages

page friends....

Quinn's awesome preschool program. The kid sang every word and did every action. I was so proud. He loves to sing. I heard him lying awake in his bed this morning singing a never ending rendition of jingle bells....he doesn't know how to finish it. Too cute.
I hosted the dessert portion of my girl's night party (we let the ball and chains come to this one). It was awesome, but I can't share too many pics of that. Let's just say Fabio made an appearance, as did the dreaded blue poinsettia, Desperate Housewives game, a stellar home-made "stripling warriors" tie, and an old BYU towel dispenser. That one got left at our house and Bill is dying to put it in the garage.

Merry Christmas....there will be more pics. Just had to catch up a bit before the barrage of Christmas morning photos hits me.


Bill said...

It's been a December to Remember so far... Loved watching Emmers in the Nut Cracker. And Quinn in his little program too.

Emily K. said...

Oh my gosh! The girl standing to the right of Emi (or her left arm) is my dear friends daughter, Grace. Small world!

That's great your kids are participating in so many memorable things.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Monika said...

That Stripling Warriors tie was store bought. Just perfect for the crowd I run in since they wear them in public. I seriously need copies of the pics of Quinn and Derek. :)

brooke said...

Your party sounds really fun. I'm a bit jealous.

Your tree is beautiful and Emi is adorable in her page outfit.

It was fun seeing you at Dillards tonight. Happy Anniversary to us!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for taking the take to "Count Your Blessings" and also your accomplishments (a few of them) in the last year. You are amazing with all you do. Your kids are fantastic! Don't kill them! Just send them to Grandma's. Really enjoyed Quinn and Macy this weekend!

Quinn was having a hard time falling asleep Fri. night. I told him I would lie down with him until he fell asleep. He said, " I just want Mom." Usually he has the big kids here with him. Anyway, I did lie down with him and he was asleep in 5 minutes.