Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Worn Out Wednesday

My Wednesdays have become increasingly CRAZY. I thought last week was bad.....

Woke up at 4:00 a.m. with teething baby. Good news is there is finally a little tooth poking through. Peeked outside to major snowstorm.

Re-woke up at 6:30 to get clothes out of dryer, shower, and unload dishwasher. Oh yeah, Macy was up with me again. 7:00, woke kids and started on the mad dash to find snow boots and matching gloves (poor Emi had one black and one purple) while getting breakfast. While the kids where eating, I threw on clothes, begged Bill to get out and shovel our ginormous driveway, and fed Macy. Quinn managed to spill Froot Loops all over himself, which sent him into a screaming fit. While getting dressed, remembered that it was "wear red" day at school, which made me throw clothes out of drawers to locate red shirts (I love uniforms). Took nerf gun away from Parker several times so he could get dressed and dealt with a "personal issue" with Emi. Threw clothes on Quinn and Macy and was ready to get them all in car for carpool when I discovered Parker locked in bathroom with a tummy issue (I'm trying to be delicate). Now running through house in search of TP and fixed clogged toilet.

Pick up carpool kids and blaze through snow and construction to get to school. (There were no workers out on the project today. Are they just going to shut it down for the winter? Wouldn't even surprise me!) I stop for Starbucks hot chocolate, because frankly, I deserve it.

Get home and Quinn decides he must head out into snow right this very minute. Dig out snowpants and too big gloves, but it's really worth it to see how happy he is in the snow. Raced in to do my hair and brush my teeth. Ran Quinn to Monika's for more snow time while I teach.

Teach 2 pre-ballet classes. You add a snowstorm and Halloween costumes to the girls, and they are WILD! Run to get Quinn, throw him in a costume and drop him at Kindermusik. Eat lunch in car since I have only had hot chocolate and a fun size Twix bar for food. Get home, try to take a breath.
(Macy enjoys jamming with the shakers at Kindermusik....more than Quinn does!)

Fed lunch to kids, and could actually chill for awhile to tend to some work. Put kids to nap.

Then the fun starts again! Kids wake and older kids come home. Parker pulls every last bit of Asperger's crap my way, all while I'm trying to get Emi into costume for dance. He then continues to throw more and more of it until I almost snap. Finally get him in for homework, of which I have to sit by him for every darn problem to keep him focused.

Run to Noodles to pick up food because of "Spirit Night" and force food down my kids, then send Emi to Nutcracker practice, eat, and run to Young Women's for the fall festival. It was really cute and Quinn enjoyed it, though it was nuts!

Get home and boss everyone around to get bathed. Didn't realize that Parker never made it to the shower (GRRRRRRRR). Argued with Emi and Quinn that they are not allowed to wear face paint to school when it's not Halloween, and threw them all in their beds. Good-freakin-night.

Really. Did it really have to snow?


brooke said...

And to had time to blog!! You amaze me. I laughed out loud at your day. I totally felt your pain on the red shirts at the last minute and digging out snow gear (only to find Luke has outgrown everything.) We did spirit night at Noodles too but it was just my excuse not to cook.

Your day made me exhausted.

Macy looks so adorable in her cat get-up.

I hope you just stay in bed tomorrow!

youreprettytoo said...

I feel your pain, Liz! Is Halloween over yet?!?

Stacey said...

Ah, I have ended many a day with "Good-freaking-night!" You are amazing...

lisa l. said...

Oh Liz! I hope your Thursday was better :)

Monika said...

The sad thing is next Wednesday doesn't look much better . . . On a brighter note, only 3 more times in and out of the costumes if I have counted correctly.

Bill said...

You are amazing... now I understand the "Good-freaking-night" I got last night. ;)