Monday, April 6, 2009

My Groove is SOOOO gone....

Well, I'm officially in my second trimester. Shouldn't this signify the end of morning sickness? Not necessarily true in my case, but I'm remaining hopeful and positive. Well, the past 14 weeks have essentially sucked the life right out of me. I have quite literally just been surviving,  just trying to maintain. No projects have been done, I'm way behind on getting my recital done, and nothing has been seriously scrubbed in my house for awhile...don't even get me started on my scrapbook. Emi reprimanded me for not getting her curtains up. I feel bad. is my goal of how I'm going to get my groove back. It's SOOOOO gone right now:
  1. I might attend the gym. Shocking! Last time I did (5 weeks ago) I got so sick that I spent the time in the bathroom and the cafe eating a bagel. Real helpful.
  2. I will turn on happy music while I clean and do boring house jobs. This always helps.
  3. I will spend more time outside with Quinn. The poor kid stared at all the snowy days last week and kept saying, "" No luck. I was not going out in a blizzard.
  4. I will try to extend my day past 7:30 p.m., even  on days that I teach. This is when I can get to all my piles of work.
  5. I might even allow my husband to take me on a date....hasn't really been practical these last few weeks. I was a zombie by.....7:30. 
  6. I'm going to declutter the kids rooms. I run the risk of doing this while they are home for easter break, but it's almost better than them discovering I've thrown out a toy they love (even though they haven't played with it in 3 years). It's good for them. 

Well, that's a good list for now. Wouldn't want to become too cool too soon. Watch out, world.....I'm back!


brooke said...

My heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry you've been so sick. Will you please drop the kids off one day and take a nap? Luke would think he died and went to Heaven if Emi came over.

BTW, tell Bill I am friends with Mandee (McCalleb) Grant. She reads my blog and wanted to know how I knew Bill. What a small world! She loves Bill's family.

Hope things look up for you. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't been to the gym in over 5 weeks and I ain't pregnant, just lazy and fat.

brooke said...

I spelled McCaleb wrong. But he knows who I'm talking about:-)

Stacey said...

Oh, Liz... I totally feel for you! People are all sympathetic towards me having a newborn right now, but truth is this stage is WAY easier than the 1st trimester. If it makes you feel any better, during my 1st trimester, I would do my best to survive until 1pm, put Charlotte down for a nap, and then let Scott play Wii all afternoon while I crashed on the couch. Fine parenting, I know. But it is truly all about survival! Good luck with all your goals!

Marrdy said...

Being sick is the worst. I hope it just goes away. You are ambitious. I think I'd go for the date and put the rest on the back burner. OK, myabe take Quinn outside. Poor kid!

Linda said...

Liz - I will call you tomorrow re coming over tomorrow afternoon. I think you are amazing - as sick as you have been and still teaching and doing a recital. And Bill is the best - we just love him!!