Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well....it seems like forever, but my kids are back in school after a LONG, but eventful, Easter Break.

Wednesday: After sleeping over at Grandma's house, all the kids took a field trip to the Children's museum with Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, they had a ball and spent most of their time in the helicopter

Thursday: A quiet morning at home (they all looked through books forever...whoa!), a trip to Target, and Easter egg coloring. Parker and Emi were quite patient and diligent with their eggs this time. Not so much with Quinn. We were lucky enough to be invited to our neighbor's Passover dinner. He and his wife have gone to church with us and did the temple open house with us, and we have done Hanukah and now Passover. It was very interesting to read through the prayers and such and try all the new food. Very fun, though Quinn was a pill.

Friday: We woke up early and cruised to Zion's National Park for the day. I had a nasty cold, but I'm so glad we went. Did some beautiful, kid-friendly hikes. Quinn screamed through the aptly named"Weeping Rock" hike (are you getting that he is hard right now?) because he has discovered his independence from the backpack. Everything is "self" right now. 
(weeping rock....no Quinn)
We ran into a zillion human-friendly squirrels that required naming. It was all we could do to have them not pet the rabies-infested creatures. Once I explained shots in the stomach, that helped keep hands away. That night, we dined at the oh-so-classy Village Inn (everything was crowded and I was starving!).
Saturday: We woke to rain in St. George, so we swam in the indoor pool, checked out the St. George Tabernacle, and did a run-through of their Arts Festival. Then it was off to In-n-Out (along with the rest of the city) before we drove home. Seriously...the inside line went around the store, and there were 22 cars in line for the drive-thru. BUT, I placed the order within 8 minutes...amazing. Quinn loved the burger. Can't wait for ours to come to Draper.

Sunday: Visit from the Easter Bunny. Quinn loved hunting for egss. Emi got a pink soccer ball, Parker got a Star Wars lego set, and Quinn got a bug lantern. 
We quickly dressed for church and got these pictures. Just so you know, 15 minutes before this pic was taken, Emi somehow spread toothpaste in her hair. I had to shower her, blow her hair, curl it, and dress her. Easter miracle.
Later that day was another fun-filled Easter egg hunt at Grandma Newman's house. A great dinner, followed by a sad (but not shocking) announcement from my uncle that he was marrying again.... for the 9th (not a typo) time. Sad. That's a post for another day. Oh the excitement never ends in my extended family.
Monday: Last day of school out, so we basically hung around, played with friends, played outside and did yardwork. 

Back to normalcy.......


Bill Sackewitz said...

A week to remember. Can't wait for Yom Kippur break in the fall.

While the perks of being in the Bishopric seldom discussed, I was grateful this year for the required uniform of white shirt, tie and suit to avoid any chance of having to wear matching sweater vests with my boys.

I also enjoyed the kids and their cousins celebrating Easter Sunday by creating a booby trapped dungeon with light saberes, rocket launchers and grenades.

Karen said...

Normalcy, huh? My sister has a sign in her house that says "around here, normal is just a setting on the dryer..."

Pretty much sums up life with kids.

Sounds like a fun/crazy/busy time!!!

youreprettytoo said...

Don't you just love two year olds! Also I really like whatyour previous commentor said about "normal." I may have to use that sometime!

brooke said...

Bill--we mock what we don't understand. Sam rocked the vest and I say it takes a real man to match his sons.

Liz I am dying at Burns's announcement. For the love!

Your kids look absolutely adorable. I took my kids to Discovery GAteway on Wednesday too but didn't see your parents. Your mom was there last time I went. We must think alike!

Great post!

Linda said...

OK, Burns is my uncle too, but I guess we're not quite as "tight" as you are. I thought he was done. Isn't he in a care facility?? I repeat Brooke's sentiment, "for the love. . . ."
I hope you are feeling better. When do we find out the "flavor" of the baby??

Ashley said...

I am so happy for Burns! Do you know where he's registered?

Ashley said...

By the way, your trip was the stuff childhood memories are made of. You are a good mom and I feel your pain on trying to take a 2-year-old to polite dinners.

kjirsten said...

Wow! What a week! Looks like LOTS of fun being had . . . even despite Quinn's 2 year old antics, (especially hard while pregnant -- if you're anything like me, the patience is dreadfully thin!)

Tate Family said...

Hi Liz! I've enjoyed reading your posts and catching up on you guys. I can't remember if I knew you are pregnant. I can't remember lots of things...anyway, we were in St. George for the rain, also. Monday was sunny and 75 degrees for the drive home. You all sound great. We miss you!

Marrdy said...

Your kids are just too cute.

Bill is funny...buy him that vest. The years are going to fly by! And let me know when he has it on. I will stop by!

9 TIMES??? You must tell that story. (and who would marry someone who had already been married 8 times?)

Marrdy said...

Liz-send me an email and I will email the picture back to you so you can check it out. It's pretty cute...all those little kids all grown up! drammac@yahoo.com