Monday, December 22, 2008

The curse of the blue poinsettia

Well, once again, I don't have pics because of my computer issues. This is probably good...there were a lot of incriminating pictures that I could have shown.

I had 4 parties of various variety last week. All great and fun in their own way, but Friday's party with some good friends was hilarious as always. We eat great food and chat the night away, but the white elephant giving is so much fun. Bill and I received a gigantic 44DD flower bra (to me...the flattest woman in the room) and a lovely blue poinsettia plant. You can just imagine this beautiful plastic wonder...gorgeous! Well, Bill ended up trying to hide it in our host's beautifully decorated home, hoping she wouldn't notice, and we wanted to share this beautiful plant with her. Well, I guess we weren't the only one hiding our presents...(sorry, Shelly, I'm sure you didn't want a huge ceramic snowman in your shower).

Saturday night, I went to my doorstep to find the blue plant had found it's way home. Aahh, thanks! Emi thinks it is gorgeous....yesterday, she wanted to use it for a table decoration for my party with Bill's sister. I told her it would look wonderful in HER room. She's happy with that, but it did make an appearance for our festive tortellini dinner tonight. I guess I can always re gift it at next year's party.


the Pan-lings said...

So hilarious! That would be a totally funny tradition to see who gets it every year! Glad the party was a hit...

Marrdy said...

Blue huh? Can't imagine why they gave it back to you.