Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Blogging is wonderful...I love connecting with old and new friends on a daily basis. E-mail is also a wonderous and beautiful thing. It's so great to take care of all sorts of stuff without voice mail and long, lengthy telephone calls. Storing my pictures on our computer...SUPER!  I love having all my pics just a click away. You Tube...this can entertain my children forever. 

However....I HATE COMPUTERS!!!!!!!  We have honestly had the worst luck with ALL computers we have ever owned. The latest one, the one we have only had for 2 years, has had every issue possible. It's already been sent back (under warranty) to replace the motherboard, it has had every hard drive issue possible. So, once again, for the last 2 months we have dealt with "blue-screening" (aka,  the "blue screen of death"...look at the lingo I know now...I could join Geek Squad"). I limped it along as long as possible. So, a couple of hundred dollars later, we thought we had it fixed....NOPE. Messed up again yesterday. So, Bill and I made the jump to a Mac box...because who doesn't want to throw down a wad of cash after Christmas? We get to keep the monitor and keyboard, but we are essentially Mac people now. Ten years ago, Bill made me switch from Mac to PC, which I was resistant, but I did. For the last 2-3 years, he has regretted it. So, I must re-learn all this stuff. The biggest pain will be trying to put all my Quick books stuff into a different format, but I will survive. I did get an i-phone for Christmas (woo hoo), so that will be nice to have a Mac at home as well.

So what I'm really trying to say is; I can't post any pics of Christmas as I don't know what I am doing on this thing yet!
Happy New Year....here's to new things. 


the Pan-lings said...

Girl, I feel you and I'm soon to join your Mac world 'cause I too am done with all of these PC quirks!! Think of the headache free blogging moments as soon as you catch up on the Mac!! Happy New Year!!

brooke said...

Hopefully the Mac will be the solution to all your problems and the answer to all your prayers. Talk to my mom about computer problems! I'm just impressed you are using terms like motherboard.

Edwards Family said...

I was starting to wonder where you've been. I almost called Bill to make sure you survived Christmas. I'm so jealous, I'd love to have a Mac. With all that geek talk you could come work with me and leave Bill at home. Think of all the fun we'd have:)

Cindy said...

We too had the privledge of buying a new computer...right before Christmas....Jay says it's because I made him put the old computer on the floor....I say when you buy a brand new beautiful computer desk isn't there somewhere safe you can hide the ugly old thing?

Marrdy said...

Ouch, a new computer. Sorry about the blue screen of death. We can only hope that every time Bill Gates demos a new upgrade that he will also get that grand screen!