Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh, joy.....camping time!

Bill being helped by oh so many cub scouts.... (don't stress if your child's picture is on my blog....no one reads it!)

Camping time again....I would really like camping more if it didn't involve an intense amount of labor for me. Parker and Emi absolutely adore camping and hiking, so who am I to deny them the experience. Plus, my mom offered to take Quinn for the night, so I really had no excuse.

cute, sticky kids

They sleep like the dead when we camp....even through a terrential rain storm. Wish I did. Of course, I drugged them.

Me, with headlamp and hot chocolate, finishing "Breaking Dawn". I so want to be a vampire.

Hiking the "Mormon Trail"...colors were awesome. This picture doesn't do it justice. Fall is in full swing and I LOVE fall! Please ignore the bedhead. I don't fight the hair battle when camping.


Bill Sackewitz said...

Happy Campers! Thanks Liz.

Edwards Family said...

Oh I just loved that book! I wonder what "gift" I would have? I loved her bond with Nessie. Made me want to cry. I'd definitely become a vampire if it meant I would look like a super model :)

Marrdy said...

You look cute with your headlamp on. Dick bought me one so I could read at night and not disturb him!

Plus my kids got me The Host for my bday. More Stephanie Meyers reading!

Amy said...

That last shot in the mountain is beautiful. I really miss mountaings--it's so flat in Chicago.

Glad you guys had fun. I'm pretty sure my definition of camping was living in Stover Hall...