Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boy carpool vs. Girl carpool

On some days, I drive the morning shift of the school carpool. This consists of Parker (Emi and Quinn are usually along for the ride) and two cute boys from the ward. In the middle of the day, I often drive the midday kindergarten drop-off carpool with Emi and two of her friends in the neighborhood. There is such a difference in the conversations:

Girl carpool today: "I LOVE your shoes...they go so well with your bow"

"and then we were trampolining and we slid everywhere..heee.heee.hee!"

"why does Quinn wear those shoes EVERYDAY...isn't he sick of them?"

"does everyone have their backpacks on the hooks...oh good, we are all alike!"

"Cheetah girls were on again last night.....I love them..they are so amazing"

"why does your cat run away when I try to pet him?"

and ended with singing a rousing rendition of, "What's more American than Cornflakes.....". This all takes place in about 6 minutes time.

Boy carpool today: "Do you know the best way to stop throwing up....just swallow it. That's what I just did. That's the best way to stop throwing up....do you want to know what it tastes like?" ....end of conversation.

Such a difference.


Bill Sackewitz said...


Amy said...

That is so funny! And so true! Boys are OBSESSED with anything gross.

And I can just picture the girls chattering away...

Marrdy said...

OH.MY.GOSH!! That is too funny. Aren't boys amazing. (I am sure the guys say the same things about girls)

Mark said...

The boy's tip would have come in handy at Disneyland, circa 1986, the year of the Night Stalker and the tainted Gatorade.

"Mark W. Newm*#*uah!!*&"