Sunday, February 3, 2008

S"no"w more....

I'm officially tired of snow. I'm generally a fan of winter....but enough is enough. I'm so tired of tromping out in blizzard after blizzard to do carpool, get groceries, etc. We have the world's biggest driveway, so snow removal has consumed our week. 6 new inches this morning. To top it off, I've got jury duty this week, so I will have to venture downtown in the snow this week. ARGGGGHHH....I have a bad attitude today. Very un-Hinckley of me.
One little consulation.....they cancelled church. I wish we would've known before I dressed the kids, packed the diaper bag, and did all my primary stuff. Between going downtown to Pres. Hinckley's viewing, watching the funeral, and attending the twin's baptism, I feel like we have had a weekend of spiritualness, so missing church is no big deal.

The doorbell just rang....the sweet Bradshaw boys just came over on their snowmobile and snowblowed our driveway. LOVE THEM!!! I showed my affection by giving them stale Valentine cookies (it's all we had left!). I feel so much better.

Happy Shoveling!

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Amy said...

AMEN sister! I am ready for Spring!!!