Friday, February 22, 2008

no title...just randomness

1- Ironic.....Parker, Emi, and I were driving back from a great day of sledding and we had some dance music on in the car. They were bouncing around to the music, so I decided to join in. Soon Parker stopped and said, " Mom! Someone might see you!". My parents would say that this served me right, but I must say I am an above average dancer. Come on! Especially since Parker has been the culprit in some very embarrassing incidents!

2- It is 3:00...Emi has been home from pre-school since 11:30.....she is still talking about every detail of the day. Who was there, who said what to who, who did what in the bathroom, who was wearing what. It's non-stop! Parker usually gives me a one word answer, "Good". Girls and Boys.

3-Parker brought home a big book about Paris, his recent city that he is obsessed about. It's a tad mature....I can't believe he got it at his school library. So we are looking through it and we saw some scantily clad showgirls from the Moulin Rouge. He asked who they were. I said they were some dancer in some interesting costumes. Parker said, "VERY interesting!".

4- Quinn will only sleep when "Mr. Li-Li" the lion is around. It's really cute. The lion is bigger than he is.

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Stacey S. said...

I constantly get the one-word reports from Scott after preschool, so I guess what you describe with Emi is what I have to look forward to with Charlotte!