Sunday, November 18, 2007

Welcome to our blog

I'm a little scared to start a blog. We've been meaning to do this for months. Since most of our family is spread out around the country (and since I'm so bad at sending pics and updates through e-mail), we figured this would be a great idea to keep us "in the loop" with everyone.

Bill came up with "livin' the dream" as a title because it's a constant phrase muttered in our home when changing yucky diapers, cleaning up puke, and standing in long lines at Target. Right after Quinn was born, Emi had her playgroup at our house. I watched these four little girls dress their baby dolls, feed them, rock them to moms. I watched this as I was still in my PJ's, hair everywhere/no make-up, sleep-deprived, and realized....they wanted to be me. Livin' the dream!

In all seriousness, we really are: 3 beautiful (& strong willed) children, a great house, super neighbors, and don't forget the cat. We hope you will check here often and keep us posted on your life as well.

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