Monday, November 19, 2007


My cute (picky) husband has informed me that I will be messing everyone up with the name of our blog and the web address. Please note that the title is "Livin' the dream" (without a "g"), but the URL is (with a "g"). I told him that we have smart friends that can get past this little quirk.


Bug Girl said...

Your smart friends can also bookmark your site, not having to stew about a "g." Now that's smart! The Youngs

youreprettytoo said...

hey liz- so glad you joined the blogging world. it is more fun than i expected. i too had a technicality with my blog. a friend set up the url address and put it as yourprettytoo instead of youreprettytoo. But i corrected it on the title of my blog. Several family members pointed this out to me. i just figure it is part of the charm of my blog- as it is with yours. anyway i look forward to reading more. i can relate with much of your life!
love- Kari C.