Monday, November 19, 2007

Trouble starts with "Q"

This is Quinn....isn't he cute? He's 10 months of cuteness. He is also the most high-maintenance baby we have ever dealt with. Quinn is a light sleeper (not good with noisy older siblings), a non-cuddler, hates the car seat, and a grabber (of hair, skins, earrings, food bowls, etc). But a mother's love is a miraculous thing. Plus he is REALLY cute and especially charming with Bill's blue eyes. As I write this post, he has learned to climb stairs.....great.


Mark said...

Hi! Glad to see you've started a blog...I look forward to visiting often. Can't wait til the fam comes to'll be the best Christmas ever!


Lisa McCulloch said...

Hi Guys!

Wow! Liz, I am impressed! Good for you. Quinn is just way too cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you.
I love you. Lisa