Sunday, September 9, 2012

It seems like so long ago....

I'm totally back to the routine. Yea and boo all at once. This week, every activity hits and then some, so I'm not sure what I'm going to be like at the end of this week. 

But, I never put out post-Coronado pics. Summer is a distant memory, but at least I have proof of my life without a schedule.

Girl's camp. Muddy. But wonderful. (The presidency)

 We partied it up with friends.
 Macy does not enjoy fireworks in the least. She ended up watching them from the window. 

 Tuacahn in St. George. A new favorite tradition with Emi's BFF's. These are the sweetest girls around. We saw Aladdin and it was AWESOME! Real camels, fireworks, and 3D. 
 Don't laugh at our mom pose. It's become the joke. I love these ladies! So nice they decided to have daughters the same year as mine.

 Not only did my one friend supply her house in St. George, but gave us all free glitter toes. 

 We also have neighborhood cooking/craft class for the girls in the summer. For my turn, we made German pancake, orange julius's and cinnamon syrup. Then we made these hair-bow holders. Thank you Pinterest!
 Cousin sleepovers. It's nice of Grandma to make sure they have matchy pi's. 

2 days at Lagoon. I really do love it, but I don't know why. Macy is pretty brave. Too bad her boyfriend Dylan wasn't quite so brave. He screamed bloody murder on Bulgy the Whale. Later, I let Macy go on it again, and she said, "Dylan don't like the whale". You had to be there (Sorry Monika. Had to be shared)

 Quinn started piano lessons. He LOVES it and wants to practice on his days off. I'm not used to this. 

I drove by the "Weiner-mobile". This is the best pic I could do without an accident.

And yes, our girls also have a book club. This is Emi going to the big book club party. The book was about going to camp. It was a full "Camp-a-palooza". And, if you were wondering, it is that wonderful mom who planned it. These girls have no idea how lucky they are.

 We ate cupcakes (Thanks Aunt Kathryn for the gift card)

Macy started "dancy class". She is all about it. She cries when it's over. She wants to do it every day. She tells the other girls to dance when they are just standing there. It's like looking in a mirror. 

 We went to Mars.....

 ...and the moon.

 And thoroughly enjoyed summer evenings. Not sure what that hand signal is that Parker is doing.
 The kids loved the teeny tiny garden on the side of our house. So happy to go pick the stuff, not so happy about eating it. 

 If the dancing thing doesn't work out for Macy, she's bound to be an Olympic badminton team member. This is hand-mitten, and I watched her practice for a steady 45 minutes to figure it out. She's really good. 

We also spent several days at both 7 peaks water parks thanks to the "Pass of All Passes". I have no pics as I didn't dare bring my phone in. The slides are super, but my favorite thing was just hanging at the edge of the wave pools watching my kids run around. Simple pleasures. 

And now, here we are. Back to the reality of school. So far so good, but I'm a little burned out all ready. 

I also just have to note that Bill finished LoToJa (Logan to Jackson...206 miles in a day) on Saturday. Their group had some trials, but they happily survived. Which is good, since someone actually died on the trail. I'm proud of him, but glad to get him back into our lives. It amazes me that he can do it.


Bill said...

You are amazing, Hon!
Thanks for giving the kids an amazing summer and for giving me all the support to ride LOTOJA again.
You are the best!

brooke said...

I am really glad that mom isn't in my life..I only stay friends with sub par moms like myself so I don't feel bad.

Congrats to Bill on Lotoja. I can't even imagine how saddle sore he was.

You are a totally awesome mom..I would have to not be friends with you if you weren't family.

I want a post on the new kitchen!

Lori said...

Your little family is completely adorable. We love being able to pop on your blog and catch up on what you and your cuties have been up to.
We LOVED having you all over this summer, it just wasn't long enough.
What a fun summer, what a good mommy you are!
Thanks for sharing some of that time with us.