Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 days in DC

So, I've decided something. I do better when things are spontaneously thrown on me. Bill approached me a few weeks back and asked me to join him in DC for a few days since he was working there all week. As luck would have it, we found 3 wonderful sitters to watch the kids for 4 nights, so I booked a flight. A red-eye. Ughhh. I will never do that again, but I had to teach Thursday night. Crazy, yucky turbulence and a smelly passenger next to me was not ideal, but I'll do anything to see my man, right? The flight was delayed, so I missed my connection in Charlotte. I hopped off the plane and ran to a courtesy desk. The nice lady told me if I could sprint the farthest concourse in the airport, I'd be on the next flight. If not, I'd wait 2 1/2 hours. I ran like the wind (even though the wind had about 2 hours of sleep in her) and made it. Hopped on the metro, found the hotel and zonked out for a few z's while Bill finished some work. 
Then we headed out for 3 days of walking.

First, to our future home:

 Michelle Obama's garden
 Then down to the Washington Monument and WWII memorial, which was new to me. So well done. 
 You can't go in the monument anymore since an earthquake made it unsafe. Bill and tried to make predictions which way it would fall if it did and how far it would reach. We're weird that way.

 Lincoln Memorial

Korean Memorial

Then we headed to Old Ebbit's Grill for a yummy dinner. Thanks Brooke for the food suggestions. Loved them all.

After sleeping in, we headed to a session at the DC temple. Really fun to see the inside. But we really enjoyed the show afterwards.

As we exited, we noticed a limo had pulled up and a huge wedding party was taking pictures if front of the temple. However, they were not exactly LDS. They then proceeded down to the side of the temple with an Ethiopian priest to perform the ceremony. Bizarre. Everyone was nice about it though. 

 Off to the Museum of American History. Love me some Kermit.
 Michelle Obama's inaugural gown. Love, love, love the presidential section.

They closed at 5:30, so we booked over to the National Gallery of Art. I wish we had more time to spend in the modern art section. It was awesome. This was a piece that was mesmerizing.  All 50 states were represented on video screens with various images from the state. I read the artist put his connection to each of the states in the video sequences. Kansas was Wizard of Oz, Utah was scenes from the desert, California had tons of things flashing, including an exercise class taught by OJ Simpson. It was so cool. 


By this point, we were TIRED. It was probably the low point on the trip as we headed to see the Capitol. Luckily, sis in law Kathryn had suggested a great restaurant in Arlington, so we headed off to "Red Hot and Blue". 
 The food was amazing, nicest people, and HUGE diet cokes. (Thanks Kathryn!)

 The last day, we hit China town, ate at Matchbox Pizza (again, thank you, Brooke. I'm dreaming of those sliders). Shopped a bit and sucked down some Hagen-daaz shakes. We walked through the sculpture garden just off the mall.

 Then off to the Air and Space Museum. I've learned a trick after 13 years of marriage. Take Bill to a museum when he only has a couple of hours before closing. It moves him along. We rented bikes to hit the monuments we'd missed. Perfect time of day for it. DC is so pretty.

Jefferson Memorial

 back to the Lincoln (it's probably hard to notice the monument with that crazy bright shirt of Bill's . Not my favorite. I hate looking like tourists.
We headed up to George Washington University area to check out some neighborhoods. Be a-u-tiful. Next time I'm going to wander through different neighborhoods. They are so cute.

So, here we are back to reality. Thanks to my parents, Chloe, and Lisa for watching our kids on such short notice. We love you!


brooke said...

Sounds like the perfect trip! Now I want to try "Red, Hot and Blue!". You had me at the pitcher sized Diet Cokes.

Kathryn said...

Hooray! What a great trip. By the way, that FDR picture is that exact spot where Mark proposed! Good times. Glad it was such a fun break for you two.

Lori said...

Good for you for making quick arrangements and getting out there. What fun...thanks for sharing your photos.

Bill said...

Best Trip in quite a while.
We should have done it years ago. ;)

Bill said...
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