Sunday, June 10, 2012


This post tonight is in honor of my poor ailing Macy. She contracted  hand-foot-mouth disease and is a MESS. Luckily, her fever is down and she's eating again, but it's so sad. If you look closely at this picture, you can see her blotchy mouth. But she still mustered up enough courage to be the "blue princess" that she likes to be. 

 This little girl is up to her eyeballs in personality. I have to write down some of the great "Macy-isms" right now. 

"Airplane-copter" - a plane or a helicopter. It must be gleefully yelled to get the full effect.

If you call her anything other than her name (snookums, sweetheart, moo-moo) she says, "No...I'm Macy Jane"

Yes, she wears the princess attire, but she is equally a Jedi. "Tar Wars" is one of her favorite things to play. Sadly, she likes to do it with Parker's precious Lego Star Wars ships. This has been a major source of contention.

Every temple is a castle. A "pwetty castle". 

"Tinky-bell" apparently lives on her ceiling in her room. I wasn't sure what she was talking about, until I realized that the green light on the smoke detector is "Tinky-bell". 

She is my most polite child to date. At her young age, she never misses a please or especially a thank you. She will go to great lengths to say "thank you, mom". It's so sweet.

Coloring pictures is her "homework"

It's never yeah or's "yesh". 

Everyday....."can we go swimming'?"   When I say no, she goes "AWWWW, pwease?"

Backpacks are "pack-packs" and must be worn to bed.

...and of course, "I do it my myself". So independent! 

And at night....she insists on "nuggles". 

Love this girl!

Here she is running with Emi at the school fun-run. Always up for a challenge.  

Hope she gets better soon. 


Ashley said...

She is so so darling! I love those Macy-isms--how sweet and girly she is! I hope she gets better soon for both your sakes.

youreprettytoo said...

I have heard that is going around and that it is awful- so I am sorry! But she is a doll and you'll be glad you wrote those things down. My kids love to hear about the funny things they said when they were little!

Jensen said...

Poor girl! I hope she feels better. I LOVE toddler-speak. She sounds a lot like my 4th child. LOVE it!

brooke said...

I love that you wrote these down. She is sooo adorable. I died at how cute she looked at Jogapalooza. Hope she is better by now!