Sunday, June 24, 2012

The fun never stops in June

And we continue with the pics of the fun. 

Bee's game. I spent 30 minutes of it waiting in line to ride the little train with Macy. At least it was shady there. 

 And off to the farm. One of our favorites. I don't know why we only go once a year. My kids dig animals. I had to talk Macy into the horse ride. Once I called it a "My Pretty Pony", she was fine. 

 I can dream, can't I?
 Have you other moms ever noticed how many things you do with your kids that involve being pulled around in a circle?
 It was Dairy Days, so Quinn and Macy got to herd the cows into a pen. Macy smacked her cows good. 

 Bill received a shirt from the kids on Father's Day that had a road on the back. They drew all sorts of his favorite places on it. This is pure heaven to me. I want to borrow the shirt because they kids will happily drive their cars all around. (idea from pinterest....I could never make this up)
 City Creek. um...LOVED IT! We had a ball and it's my new favorite strolling location. Now I just need to rid myself of the kids and do some serious shopping. 
 Disney Store (but also do the American Eagle 77 stuff in there too)
 Oh yes, the zoo. I always take this pic. My monkeys are growing so fast. 

 Again, going in a circle. 
 Rocky Shores is sweet! I loved that we could get close and personal with the polar bear and sea lions. So much better than before, but where are the penguins?

I've seriously been packing in the activities this month. My kids are always begging for outings. I just want to know when the lazy days start?


youreprettytoo said...

You have been packing in the activities! We are still only doing activites that are on the Pass of all Passes so I can feel like I got my money's worth. But hopefully soon we will venture to the zoo! Looks like fun!

brooke said...

Lazy days are a myth because if you don't have stuff planned your kids will just hound you until you go pick up friends or entertain them at home. Great pics!

Anonymous said... are so busy. Every summer I gear up to do everything possible, but my son only wants to play with friends. So, that is what we do now. It's nice. I get a lot done at home while he is happy playing with his buddies. -anne