Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seriously?'s been a week. One to remember.

Sunday---My computer basically crashes

Monday---My mother basically crashes. After rehabbing from her knee surgery for 3 months, my mom slipped on a box and broke her femur. Ouch. Can you say "immobilization for months". Poor women. She was more ticked than anything. Surgery and has moved to rehab.

Tuesday---Hosted an activity group for my daughter. Line dances, bedazzled water bottles, silly snake hot dogs, and princess parfaits. Visited my mom in hospital. She had been cleaning out closets and drawers when she fell, so guess how her usually perfectly clean house looked like? Yeah. I got to box that all up. She would do the same for me!

Wednesday---Cowabunga Bay, baby! Took along my awesome babysitter for help. Super day, but I was TIRED and barely stayed awake for Young Womens.

Thursday---Swim lessons and hung with my mom in her new rehab facility. At 72, she is the spring chicken in there. I hope she survives. They wanted to wheel her down to the lounge to hear the "Fraid-Knot String Band". Not her cup of tea. Then had a super night at a much needed girl's night.

Friday---Cleaned house, weeded, and had an actual date with Bill (it's been least it seems like it). Saw "Super 8". Sooooooo goooooood.

Saturday----had BBQ for a few friends and fam. Always fun, and Bill amazed us all with his fireworks display and tacky yellow "Black Cat" t-shirt.

Exhausted! Best wishes to my wonderful mom as she mends....again!


Karen said...

awww. Your poor mom!! I hope recovery goes well.

Sounds like a busy - but fun - week!

brooke said...

I feel so bad for Peggy. She is probably going nuts with all those old people...hope your BBQ was a always is.

Marrdy said...

Pretty tough week for your cute mom! I remember her and I being in Pilates together and just not being able to "do" it. She was so fun! And you're in Young Women!! We are headed to Stonemason campground up by Tibble Fork. I have the most amazing memories of you there. You got me through that year!!