Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recital 2011...Dancers On The Move!!!!!

I've been a horrible blogger....but this is why. Recital has been over for a week and I'm still recovering!

Move It, Move It! (Emi's in front row)

Good Ship Lollipop (the little girl in the second row had thrown up an hour earlier)
Bicycle Built for Two (why I gave umbrellas to a bunch of 3 year olds...chaos!)
Yellow Submarine
Fly Me to the Moon (this moon took serious help. Anne cut it out for me because I'm too stupid to do it, and then some moms rescued the aluminum foil that blew off in the wind)
Surfin' Safari
3-2-1 Blast Off
Sunny Side of the Street
Miss Jenn's daughter in Waterfalls...gorgeous
Let the Good Times Roll (none of the bike pictures worked..they had bikes and scooters. The cute serious girl is my cousin's little girl. I resisted the urge to put the one of her picking her snuggie)
Parachutes and Airplanes (one of my very favorite dance pics of Emi...ever! I think modern is her thing over jazz. She really shines)
Skaters' Waltz
Going the Distance (Never, ever make girls dance in a gunny sack. Just sayin')

Oh yes....Gravity. Teachers' dance. We survived again. I hope it was bearable. We had fun.
Round, Round, Get Around (Beach Boys make me happy)
Route 66
Walking in LA...I'm so putting everyone in striped arm bands next year. It makes their motions look soooo cool!

I Drove All Night (i had a little revolt from my teens when it came to silver pants, but I quite liked it)
Jade and Emi....It's all about getting the flowers!
My wonderful, wonderful teaching staff! They keep me afloat.
A funny note....I went to "The Adjustment Bureau" last night with Bill and ran into Becky and her husband. There is funny line in there basically comparing teaching 6 year olds to dance as a fate worse than death. There are days I would tend to agree, but this makes it all worth it. I have the most wonderful studio and the most wonderful girls. It's almost surreal for me.

Only 355 days until the next one...kill me now!


Bill said...

Congrats Honey. It was your best yet. The dances were great, Emi was beautiful, and you were as graceful as ever. So proud of you!

brooke said...

Bill leaves the nicest comments.

I really was so impressed. The production was amazing and every dance and costume was so cute. Sammie loved it...I wish you had put in a snuggie pulling picture!

Monika said...

It was so great! We are so lucky to have you. You looked FABULOUS dancing!

PJ Evers said...

Liz, as one who has done many many costumes, from design to construction (for individuals and large groups) my compliments on some absolutely darling costumes! Believe me,I know its a lot of work! Super cute kids and great job to all responsible!
Patti Evers
(Stacey's mom)

pan x 8 said...

Love all the pics! Time flies by so fast!! I swear you just had a dance recital.. Emi is so so darling!

Marrdy said...

Next year I am going to come!! I miss seeing all the cute dancers. (and is that Jen Hilbig??)