Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recent Happenings for Me and Mine

So, here is what me and my little monkies have been up to in April....

Grandma and Grandpa moved in for awhile after my mother's knee replacement. It's about time I actually take care of my mom instead of vice-versa. She was a model patient and it takes a lot to keep this women down. She impressed doctors and therapists alike with her exercises. Taking care of 7 people day and night was, well, it was the busiest I've been in, like forever. And I consider myself pretty darn busy most of the time. So happy to help her, though. She was still perfect for snuggling and reading with little kids!
Easter came and went....April is really kind of a blur to me. The kids got these cute pull cases from the Easter bunny, which is good because I don't like paying $25 per suitcase at the airport.
No broken ones...wow.
Easter Sunday....please ignore Macy's binkie. It was truly necessary for this pic.
Notice her purse...this was Emi's dress.

Bill's sister got married! Yeah! We love Jim. It was a cold, windy day at the Timpanogos Temple, but we made it work! The dinner was at my house afterwards. I don't know why I have no pictures of the prettiness of the tables upstairs, but.....
...a little impromptu dance party started in the studio. This is Bill and Lisa with a disco routine (yes, routine...Bill has 3 sisters. Poor dude had no chance). It kind of reminds me of the routine Ross and Monica do on "Friends", minus the robot. I couldn't believe how well they did it after all these years.
The party continued for awhile.....had I known, I would have stuck up crepe paper and a disco ball. Parker is hilarious because he tries to "pop and lock". He has no shame in trying.
(Ian performing "Canned Heat" from "Napolean Dynamite")

Oh yes, it snowed on Saturday, April 30th. Weird weather, even for Utah. This is our snowman at the beach.
Happy May!


brooke said...

Your kids look adorable in their Easter clothes.

I hate Utah weather--I was so mad when it snowed on Saturday!

I would love to see Lisa and Bill dance.

Where did you get the rolling luggage? I just bought my kids very similar ones at Down East but Sammie's says "Meredith" and Luke's says "Oliver" and I told them to deal with it.

BTW, I just took down the post about things I don't understand about Motherhood...just couldn't deal with the backlash that was sure to come...put something more tame up.

Karen said...

I love all of these pictures.

Can we get bill and lisa to do their routine for a bishopric night or something?? I'd love to see it. :)

I'm laughing about Brooke's comment about the luggage!

Marrdy said...

I love reading your posts. They always make me smile!!

pan x 8 said...

Looks like this great April is paving great walks in May! That little Macy is too adorable! And of course Bill would be the first one on the dance floor! Great house for a great celebration!

You are a SUPERSTAR for taking care of your Mom while tending to your 4 active children!

Mandee said...

I am breaking my semi-stalker status (I think I've commented once before) to say- WHAT?! Lisa got married and didn't tell me?! I would love to see her and Bill dance, too. Cast them in your next recital, I will pay good money :) Please pass along a message for Lisa to call me! And cute family!

Ashley said...

I love that Bill has a routine! Brooke and I have a few routines, but I could never get the boys to participate. I hope your mom is recovered and back to being a full-time saint. How nice that you could take care of her!

Lindsay said...

Liz! You knew the day would come when your past students would find you (and seriously, if you asked me how I got here, I couldn't tell you). You probably didn't think that it would be a full 10+ years later though.

So good to see that you are still dancing/teaching/mothering. How cute are your kids? Answer: they are adorable.

Oh, and Bill. Bill is the guy who ruined all future proposals that your students would experience with his surprise trips to Catalina Island (I've never forgotten that) and shopping sprees. Sadly, the real deal wasn't nearly that exciting (still happy though...no worries). So tell him, thanks.

You've now acquired a stalker (possibly several as I still keep in touch with a few of your former dancers, and most definitely will be telling them about your blog).
Now's the time to go private!

-Lindsay "Ricks" Sampson

P.S. Did you know that Julie Beck is a former Cavette? Miller told me that just the other day and added, "See, there's still hope for us."

Liz said...

RICKS....I can't believe it! How are you? What in the world is going on with you? Are you on Facebook? I have a few random Cavettes on there, but need to look for you all. My little babies!

I was in AF last week for the first time in forever. I made Bill drive by AF High so I could show my kids. As we turned the corner, I felt a need to break into song. Hmmmmm.

Miss you!

Ashley and Dave said...

Liz! Ricks told me about stalking you and I thought that sounded, well, FUN! I also just befriended you on facebook, but we'll just wait to see if you "accept." Love your guts. Hope life is good:) Mine is marvelous all because of good role models like yourself. Drop by and visit my blog any old time! Take care