Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day of Celebration

Well, our temple has been officially celebrated! (now maybe I will have time to attend it).
Friday night was the culmination of a LOT of hard work. I was asked to help choreograph and teach the youth a pioneer dance for the "Day of Celebration" at the conference center. I'll be honest. I said yes for 3 reasons. 1) I wasn't totally in charge...others were there to do the business end.   2)How often do I get a calling that uses a talent I never.   and 3) How cool to choreograph something the prophet sees.
Choreographing for 200+ kids was a new challenge for us. Also, putting kids in at last minute (and I mean last minute) so that they wouldn't leave the church was difficult for all of us. But, we did it, grumpy football players and all. It was really fun, but if I don't see a handcart, flag, or a teen from our stake ever again, it might be too soon. 
They did great! Despite the Conference Center officials (whom I was really was disappointed in) messing up our music during almost every rehearsal, they nailed it. It was a beautiful celebration from start to finish. Very fun, very spiritual, and I am amazed at the talent and strength of our youth. Everyone loved it, except for my grumpy old man neighbor who decided to tell me at church how awful the whole program was (he watched it at a stake center.... I don't think he got the whole effect). Don't worry, Paul. I was only responsible for 3 minutes of it. 
I got to work with the greatest ladies (one was my former cheer coach at the Y)  and really got to know the personalities (and scarier sides) of some of the stake officials. Please don't judge me by this picture. I am turned to the side, 5 months pregnant with my 4th child, and standing next to very skinny dancers. 


pan x 8 said...

Liz you are so cute and you don't have to "explain" yourself.

What a fun, yeah right, I 'll say great experience for you! I didn't know it was for that many youth! You rock! I'm glad it's over for you though because you need some good 'ole fashion down time!

Cindy said...'s over....I think that I heard an audible sigh expressed by hundreds of leaders, parents and coreographers alike on Friday. (My mom included)....what a lot of work! But it's OVER! Enjoy the brake!

Karen said...

It was fabulous! Bryson had a great time, and you did an awesome job.

Now, take a deep breath, and have some fun!

Bill said...

Well done, Honey! It was a great night in the Conference Center on Friday...I loved it. You are amazing! Thanks for enduring the time demands, energy loss, sore muscles (Dancing 5 months Prego has got to be tough)and the ocassional drama.
It was very much worth it - unforgettable experience.
Next Stop: Liz Sackewitz and the MoTab Dancers!

brooke said...

When I was involved in this four years ago in our stake, I may have called it "Day of Hellebration" or maybe not. It was so great of you to help with this--sorry the Conference center officials and stake leaders were such boneheads. Your neighbor is a bonehead too. You look darling in the picture and real life--wish I looked that good pregnant.

Marrdy said...

Our youth spoke in Sacrament Meeting Sunday about their experiences. Sounds like it was amazing!

And don't be so hard on yourself. you are beautiful..pregnant and not!