Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A year of a million dreams....packed into 3 days!

Well, we packed up and headed to the Magical Land that is Disneyland for 3 fun-filled days. Here is our top ten:

1-Quinn....of all the fun the park had to offer our little guy, this was by far his favorite spot. The fountain. So entertained by water!

2- Good food! We enjoyed the Blue Bayou (my absolute fav), the girls did Ariel's Grotto, and the boys did Goofy's kitchen. This is Emi enjoying her shells and cheese with goldfish on top.
3. Pirates...well, Quinn screamed through the entire pirate ride, but that didn't dampen Parker's love for all things pirates. Didn't dampen my love for a audio-animatronic Johnny Depp, either.
4. Fun characters everywhere. It's nice that Emi doesn't run away screaming like she used to. (Bill is the one on the right...yuk, yuk, yuk).
5. Thrill rides! Parker ADORES them. This is us on "Tower of Terror". Emi went on it once, but not twice...she really did get brave for most things this year. Parker just giggles through these rides. I love it! It's a good age because he is as happy on those as he is on Dumbo.
6. Grandparents (these are in no particular order). This was AWESOME! It's like bringing your own personal nanny and photographer. My dad must have taken a billion pictures of my kids.

7. Mickey Mouse. Too bad Quinn decided to nap for this part, but oh well. He loved all things Mickey.
8. ....speaking of which, here he is enjoying the Mickey ice cream. Thanks to my dad's obsession with these little beauties, we enjoyed them a lot!
9. Princess Emi.....couldn't believe it! She got to meet Belle! She was so happy. The princesses rotate, and we were so lucky to get her. Especially since I dueled out a bunch-0-money for her Halloween costume. We met almost every princess, but Belle is so her favorite right now.
10. The new "Toy Story Mania" ride in California Adventure. Super fun. It takes the "Buzz Astro-blasters" to a whole new level. I'm seriously so impressed that Disney Imagineers come up with this stuff. Had a ball on it!

So that was the good.....we won't mention Tinkerbell malfunctioning during the fireworks, 3 of us getting the gurgly crud, or the monorail breaking at a crucial moment in our day.....the good far outweighs any of the bad!


Karen said...

Glad you're back and had so much fun! But apparently we missed the memo that said it was bishopric month at Disney!

Monika said...

Looks like tons of fun! It makes me want to go again. If we ever go together, David and Emi will have to hang out and Jade with Parker. But maybe Parker could give David some guts to go on those "scary" rides! His favorite thing last time was collecting leaves. Go figure.

Stacey said...

We will be heading down to the Magic Kingdom the week after Thanksgiving, so your top 10 is very timely for us... This will be a first time for Scott and Charlotte, so it will be VERY interesting to see how they handle it! I have already been told that the Nemo ride is a no because the sharks are too scary.

Anonymous said...

I tell ya they put an adictive chemical in the air around Disneyland....I can't wait to go back. At least I can live vicariously through you and the Hilbigs for now. Great brings it all back!


Marrdy said...

Looks like you had a great time. Quinn is getting so big. And I do love the comment about Bill. You are a riot.

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Parker. We hope you had a great day. Sounds like it. Wish we could be there for your baptism. We love you. Mark and Kathryn and kids.