Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Parker, age 8

Here is my little baby....turning EIGHT!!!! I can hardly believe it. We've had quite a crazy week. We took off for Disneyland last Thursday and returned Monday (more on that later) . Parker's b-day is today and we had his party at a bounce house place. He had a ball. He said today was the greatest day of his life. Such a cutie. Seriously.....EIGHT! It's been eight years since I went through 36 hours of hard labor.....wait, let's forget that. Let's celebrate him.
8 reasons why I love Parker:
1-He invents great jokes.
2-He loves to play with his brother and sister who adore him.
3-There is nothing funner than hearing him play piano.
4-He's very articulate and imaginative.
5-He gets absolutely giddy about certain things.
6-He knows how to suck up to me when he really wants something, but I love it and milk it for all it's worth
7-He's got the most contagious laugh
8-He's incredibly sensitive to spiritual things....it's awesome. Not to get religious or anything, but I feel like he's an "old soul". He's deals with a lot and is very brave going into things that are hard for him. I can't believe all he has overcome and all he is TRYING to overcome. I know he was given his challenges for a reason, and I believe it was because Heavenly Father knew he could handle it.
So many more reasons, but I'm exhausted. I love you, Parker. You're my inspiration!


Marrdy said...

Holy cow!! How did he get to be 8?? Isn't he still a baby? A newborn? Tell him happy birthday and to stop growing up!

Mark said...

Such a fun and great description of Parker....from spiritual to physical and beyond. Nice to read. Happy Birthday Parker! -- Uncle Mark

Edwards Family said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!

I also wanted to tell you Liz that I love reading your posts. You're such a great inspiration to this new mommy! I swear I'll blink and Aiden will be 8!!