Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why do I still feel it wasn't enough?

Summer is about to draw to a close...just one more week until school kicks in. We have had a fun and busy summer, but why do I still feel I'm not doing enough with my kids during their time off? Here is the list of activities we have done:
  1. Legoland
  2. Padres Game
  3. 5 full days on the beach
  4. Zoo
  5. Children's Museum
  6. Thanksgiving Pointe Farm
  7. Aquarium
  8. Boating
  9. Sleeping under the stars with my sis and watching movies on the gigantic movie screen.
  10. Countless playdates
  11. hours of Wii fit tournemants (I ROCK at ski jumping.....seriously, I'm good at it!)
  12. hours at the library
  13. biking, jeeping, and razor scooting the neighborhood
  14. Staying in Grandpa S.'s RV for the night
  15. Cousin time, many parties/BBQ's, firework displays

Granted, this summer has also had the boring things like countless grocery store trips (with 3 kids...who doesn't love that?), hours of AS therapy, and house scrubbing. But, come on....why do I feel like I have to fit 10,000 more activities into next week!?! They have toys, don't they?


Marrdy said...

We need to think about getting some Sister Wives so they can do all the work and then we'll have lots of time to play with the kiddies. It could work, of course I would prefer fat, ugly, old, smelly...well you get the picture!

Mark said...

My favorite part of the summer vacation was getting to spend time with Liz and her kids....

Bill, not so much.